Malcolm X’s Killer Released From Prison

The only man to have admitted his role in the killing of Malcolm X has been released from prison on parole.

Thomas Hagan, 69, was released from a New York jail 45 years after the assassination, officials confirmed.

Hagan was one of three men convicted of killing Malcolm X, The two other gunmen were previously paroled. Hagan, who was shot in the thigh while trying to flee, was arrested outside the Audubon carrying a clip from the .45 caliber pistol he used during the attack.

First-person accounts of the shooting were provided to investigators by a variety of witnesses, including a Queens man, William Parker, who was struck with a stray bullet, and Betty Shabazz, Malcolm’s wife, who testified before a Manhattan grand jury. An NYPD report details the results of an autopsy performed at the Bellevue Morgue: “Cause of death: Multiple shotgun and other caliber bullet wounds of Heart and aorta.”

Perhaps it’s time that the truth was laid bare, and the CIA admitted it’s role in the assassination of the shaheed Al-Hajj Malik Al-Shabaz.

It was only after returning from performing the Hajj in 1964, did the black nationalism of the NOI be replaced with the correct form of Islam. Malcolm X was close to agreeing a co-operative movement with the other great civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

The CIA were well aware of the impact that of the concerted platform these two heavyweights would forge in uniting the black & impoverished communities, and the threat it would pose to the “American Way”.

Martin Luther King was assassinated 4 years after Malcolm X.

Gone but never forgotten, the example of brother Malik Al-Shabaz continues to inspire people around the world on the quest for truth, justice and love for their fellow man.



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