Analysing The Media’s Sanctimonious False Fury

You would have thought that Gordon Brown had boiled a cat alive and eaten it with cheese and crackers, if you believed the way in which the sanctimonious media have carried the story. I have no love for Brown or the new labour project, but will this crass remark make labour lose the election?

Time for a bit of analysis, I’ve pointed out previously that Rupert Murdoch’s News International Media Conglomerate supports the CONservatives the only party they haven’t got into bed with is the Liberal Democrats.

It should come as no surprise whatsoever that the comment was captured by Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News. Brown should have his media point of contact shot, seeing you know that SKY are backing your opponent, your guard needs to be tighter then Bernard Hopkins’, so why allow yourself to be caught out by a sucker punch of your own making?

The Scum leads with:

While Murdoch’s broadsheet, The Times runs with:

A selection of the Non-Murdoch owned press show:

SKY “News” have been salivating like a rabid dog over its coverage over what I would call a non incident, but of course being in the home straight of an election campaign, electioneering comes into it’s own.

Anyone remember Murdoch’s media getting into such a furore when over a Million people died in Iraq?


A little perspective wouldn’t go amiss.



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2 responses to “Analysing The Media’s Sanctimonious False Fury

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  2. Raging Phoenix

    for to long Rupert Murdochs media group has controlled peoples way of thinking and how to make people vote for partys that are going to serve there interests, when i say people i dont mean every one there are some that are wise to this media control but unfortunately there are alot of people that follow and believe what they see and read in the papers, i mean sky news is blatantly a pro israel news channel and hard a core anti-islam news channel, nothing will please me more to either see a hung parliment or Labour or Libreal Demacrats to win, i’ve never voted lib Dems before but i have this time cause i am sick and tired of this media pulling the strings alot can happen between now and May 6 i am sure Rupert Murdochs got his attack dogs and spys working around the clock to trip up either Labour or Lib Dems…

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