MPACUK Have Labour & Tories On The Ropes In Watford

The Akh has spent the last several weekends and the majority of his spare time helping MPACUK in their bid to unseat Pro Zionist MP’s in the forthcoming general election.

Both Andrew Dismore (Labour, Hendon) & Claire Ward (Labour, Watford) are in real danger of being kicked out as the local Muslim communities have been energised, in no small part thanks to the tactical nous and dedication of the MPAC team, with the truth’s of political action and more importantly where the real loyalties of their so called elected officials have lain for all those years.

The LondonMuslim Blog correctly slates Watford Observer’s Neil Skinner’s piece as being nothing short of a hypocritical and fear mongering rant.

In his article, “Watford candidates attack ‘shameful’ leaflets” Skinner attempts to obfuscate matters by presenting bonafide researched truths as being “Islamic Issues”.

The leaflet factually lists Labour’s Claire Ward’s voting record, one that is a matter of public record, who has amongst other things voted for all Blair’s War’s and had her snout deep in the expenses trough.

Tory Richard Harrington was the former Chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and has the unbelievable gall to state that he holds “…very moderate views on the Middle East”, indeed you do Dick, supporting a baby killing machine is the epitome of moderate values.

The leaflets are not “shameful” in any shape way or form, unlike the track records of Claire Ward and Dick Harringtons, which are shameful by any “moderate” view.

The Liberal Democrat candidate Sal Brinton is THE only choice in Watford, for those who are of a sane and ethical disposition, lets just hope the people of Watford realise it.

Neil Skinner, I hope your magic is better then your attempt at “impartial journalism”.

The Akh will be out on Sunday & Monday, hitting the streets with the MPACUK team for one last campaigning blitz before Wednesday’s election.

If you see a brother handing out leaflets, or knocking on your door, spare him your ears and attention for a couple of minutes, it may well be your vote that decides whether a pro war or pro israeli gets elected from your area as YOUR representative.

MPACUK have these individuals on the ropes going into the last round, it’s upto you to deliver the knockout blow.


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