BNP’s Bob Bailey Caught On Camera In Racist Fight

The BNP’s PPC for Barking & Dagenham was caught on camera yesterday in a racist punch up with some asian youths who objected to the BNP’s presence.

If the BNP are willing to beat up their own constituents in the run up to the election, imagine what they’ll do if they get into power?

Just like the leopard that can’t change it’s spots, and despite the fact the BNP have tried every PR trick in the book, they are still an institutionally racist organisation.

People of Barking & Dagenham, you have been warned, make sure you vote against the BNP.

UPDATED: 06 May 17:46

Looks like the BNP are having some serious internal differences, below is a screenshot of their website:



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20 responses to “BNP’s Bob Bailey Caught On Camera In Racist Fight

  1. Anonymous

    The fight was provoked by the youth spitting on Bob Bailey. Why are you trying to cover up the truth?

  2. dave rowe

    oh come on, if somebody spat in my face, i’d do more than just swing at him. whether it was racist or not. spitting in the first place was disgusting. how many snotty nose brat children brought up with no respect nowdays? there would be a lot less if more people just did that. come on bob, let the police do the same to.

  3. sam

    Judging by the bellies on the BNP guys, they clearly love their curries. Talk about double standards!

  4. Phil Nutkins

    What was racist about that?
    The asian kids clearly provoked them and then spat in his face!
    The asians got away lightly if you ask me.

  5. hardlinemarxist

    The bloody Asian lad gobbed in his face ffs. Most people would have reacted in the same way.

  6. bilks


    Three Yobs looking for trouble – and got it! yehaaaaaaaa!

    Nice one Royal!

  7. Ab

    BNP is full of pigs. Bailey was yelling things at them across the street.

  8. luke

    i wonder why bnp are against immigration. Because little shits like him spit in politicans faces. John prescott got egged in the face and he responded in the same way by punching the one who did it . Even if that person that spat in his face was white he would of reacted in the same way regardless of colour or race its not racist. THEM DIRTY LITTLE ASIANS GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED!

  9. John Crawford

    The whole thing starts when Bob Bailey shouts at them ‘how many of you are robbers’ that’s why they get the arse on. Not the most sensible way of protesting but still

  10. Trond

    Greetings from Norway.

    Would just like to inform you that I am surpriced by the support Bob Bailey has got here.

    One of Norways largest newspaper let the readers comment on this video. Seems like a large majority thinks the spitter and his friends got what they deserved.

    571 supporters of Bobs actions, the highest ranking negative reaction has only got 32 votes.

    The newspaper, “Dagbladet”, is Norways largest left wing (Social democrat, a bit more to the left than your Labour party. ) newspaper.

    Thought you might appreciate this input from a very pacifist culture, even we think Bob did the right thing in this situation.

  11. Jon

    That was ridiculous. What is a middle aged man doing deliberately provoking a trio of youngsters? And, less culpable in this but still deserving of blame, why weren’t those kids taught to brush off this racist’s comments instead of charging over looking for a fight? Spitting in someone’s face is just plain disgusting and I would have equally thrown a few punches and kicks, but this kind of crap shouldn’t happen in the first place.

  12. joshua woodcock

    You people are complete idiots? How did the asian kid provoke Bob Bailey.

    When they were minding their business and are called robbers. What kind of stupid oblivious dumb fuck does that for no reason especially one who assumes he can help run the country. And then he tells them to get the fuck away. What have they done up to now apart from approach your for your racism and slander.

  13. Pissed! all u are pricks x

  14. Oscar


  15. BNP Fuck OFF!

    BNP can fuck right off, we kicked your fat asses in the streets and we kicked your fat asses in the election.

    Nazi Nick you got no love from the people in barking, and you lost all your support in the local council.

    Next up is your shit for brains colleague barnbrook.

    You can all fuck off and emigrate to another country that you like.

    We’re here and we’re going nowhere.

  16. Andy

    He shouts “How many are there of us” not “how many of you are robbers”. Just to clear things up.

  17. beema

    Nothing to do with the fact that he asked them the following “how many of you’z are robbers”

  18. Rambo

    Q1: What is a fat middle aged so called politician doin startin on a bunch of kids mindin their own business?

    A1: loosing votes for the BNP.

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