Who Am I Voting For? Not The CONservatives

As a bright eyed graduate, fresh out of university, The Akh’s first job was at Carlton TV as a glorified salesman, selling advertising slots. During my tenure, one David Cameron was part of the much revered management team, as head of Public Relations. During the regime of this team, Carlton TV were almost bankrupted by the ineptitude and lack of commercial sense shown by the management, whilst it’s northern sister Granada TV saw sustainable levels of growth.

David Cameron learnt about the value of spin during a previous career as director of corporate affairs for television company Carlton, now part of ITV, his only professional excursion beyond the cosseted world of Westminster.

Some of his colleagues at Carlton remember him as being:

“quite unremarkable, he didn’t lead well or dictate the agenda. He always had opinions … and he was an articulate speaker but … I can never remember [him] grabbing a meeting because of the power of his arguments or the manner of his delivery.”

I will not be voting for the CONservatives.

Cameron’s only contribution in life has been to turn a successful business into a failing one, and this is the man you wish to run the country?

Ignore the rash and dangerous nonsense spouted by Cameron’s Tories, he is a snakeoil salesman, a slick purveyor of the Tories as shiny and modern, a new party that’s dumped its nasty past.

Don’t believe a word of it.

Cameron will take us back to the 1980s, an era scarred by poverty and public squalor, a decade when the world looked at Britain, shuddered and turned away. This election’s exposed how little the Conservatives have changed, the same old Tories defending the same old interests.

To champion an inheritance tax cut for the country’s 3,000 richest families, while preparing to slash child tax credits for ordinary, hard-working families, is the upsidedown priority of a party unwilling to embrace the interests of the majority.

The Tories are itching to start cutting services. Cameron’s refusal to ring-fence the education budget tells its own story: teachers and our next generation are at the front of hundreds of thousands of workers in the Tory firing line.

The Conservative vision of Britain is not one I share, the so-called Big Society seems merely a marketing wheeze to mask the truth about the unfairness which still drives the Tory party machine.

We deserve better.

Have a look at today’s frontpages, and see which paper is backing which party, if you have been following my blog, then you should know exactly how the print press will sway.

Starting with the rightwing murdoch owned press:

There’s nothing else for me to add, with all my coverage over the last month or so, you should be in a position to make an informed choice, so what are you waiting for?

Get out there and vote.


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