Zionist MP’s – Leave Now, The People Have Spoken

There was mixed success for The Akh, in the two election campaigns he was involved in.

Andrew Dismore, the game is up for you, the votes have been counted and the people have spoken, no longer will the people of Hendon accept a duplicitous individual like you to represent them as their MP, look at his twitter feed captured above. I hear the weather is nice in Cyprus this time of year, or seeing the sterling is getting weaker, perhaps consider moving to your paymaster’s location in Tel-Aviv and spend some of those shekels you earned over the years.

A word to Matthew Offord who has been elected in Hendon. Serve the interests of the local populace, and not a foreign entity. We put you in power, and we can and will support you as long as that support is reciprocated in kind.

Sal Brinton, it’s unfortunate that you came up short in Watford. In a true three way marginal, you had an excellent opportunity to get one over a pro war blair fembot (ward) and a zionist multi millionaire (harrington).

The reason you lost is simple the ingrates who make up the “Taxi Mafia” in Watford were pissed at the LibDem council who put up a new badge scheme on all taxi’s in the area. I had leaflets ripped up and thrown back in my face and was told, ever so eruditely to “fuck off” as “we always support labour no matter what”, and rather moronically that “the LibDems had started the Iraq invasion”.

The Muslim taxi driving mafia of Watford are to blame for letting a pro israeli zionist become their elected representative. Next time the bombs fall on Muslims in Palestine, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Overall the campaign run by MPACUK was executed well, getting rid of two friends of israel, Dismore in Hendon and Rooney in Bradford East. I congratulate MPACUK and all the campaigners, bloggers and activists all over the UK who gave up their time and dedicated their energies to get rid of MP’s who support murder, ethnic cleansing and oppression as a natural way of life.

Getting back to the ramifications of the election result, the media will be trying to portray a hung parliament as the worst possible outcome. Life has taught me that each problem is an opportunity, and each opportunity leads to success.

Both Labour & the Tories are running to the LibDems to anoint them as the leaders, Nick Clegg needs to show some nerve and have the balls to dictate on his terms, they need you more than you need them.

If you divide the number of votes each party received by the number of seats they won, you get these figures:

The LibDems got 23% of the vote and got 57 seats.

Labour got 26% of the vote and got 258 seats.

Conservatives got 36% of the vote and got 306 seats.

That means:

Conservatives: 35,021
Labour: 33,338
Liberal Democrat: 119,397

That’s the number of votes each party needed to win a seat.

Surely that can’t be right?

ConservativeHome has posted a useful guide to areas where Tory-Lib Dem cooperation is easy, possible, improbable and difficult. It says there are real problems on electoral reform.

The Lib Dems are wholeheartedly committed to a federal UK, a written constitution, an elected upper house and, above all, proportional representation: a deal-breaker, it seems, for Clegg. Cameron supports an Upper House that’s at least part-elected, but it’s not a priority for him: indeed, to many in his party the proposal is a threat, as in their view is the rest of the LibDem package.

Proportional representation would probably split the Tories and possibly bar them from office for many years. It’s impossible to see how any Conservative leader could sign up to full proportional representation, even if he wanted to, and stay in post.

Clegg, before you jump into bed with Cameron or Brown, The Akh would urge you to stand firm on your principles and do not sell your soul for short term gain, the opportunity is now or never, you have to seize it.


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