Defeated MP Andrew Dismore Accepts MPACUK Role In Him Losing

Key Zionist and Vice Chairman of Labour’s Friends of Israel group, Andrew Dismore has broken his silence and admitted that MPACUK were responsible for his ousting as MP of Hendon.

Click to view full size here

His twitter feed, is as close an acknowledgement that anyone is going to get as a thumbs up to the “Muslim lobby” for achieving a tactical goal of dethroning a hard core zionist MP.

You can see the “Chin up old chap” tweets left for Dismore, this one by another on of his close supporters, Marcus Dysch, a journalist over at the JC.

Such a shame that Muslims still do not seem to understand the political game.

The Akh salutes the MPACUK team, it was real being involved in your election campaign, I’m sure the next one will not be that far away.


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One response to “Defeated MP Andrew Dismore Accepts MPACUK Role In Him Losing

  1. Truth is sacred

    “Truth stands out clear from Error…”

    You say you are educated and value Truth.

    The “AndrewDismore” twitter site you quote here and elsewhere is a forgery impersonating Andrew Dismore.

    He said none of the things on it.

    I have this from an intern working in his (former) office.

    It was a pretty dirty campaign employing smears and untuths. (Republicans used the same low tactic on a large scale in the US election campaign in Connecticut .)

    You should remove the screen shots of these pages as they are “untruths”.


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