Labour MP Blasts Leadership Race As A “Stitch-Up” & “Fix”

MP John McDonnell has accused the Labour party of “fixing” the race to succeed Gordon Brown as leader.

Mr McDonnell said he wanted to run for Labour leader but doubted that he would be able to gather the support of 33 Labour MPs before the deadline next week. He said he was angry that the Labour party’s National Executive Committee had given potential leaders only nine days to raise the support.

You can see his interview over on the beeb.

“The National Executive Committee agreed that we will have a long process for debate but nomination process will have to take place in four days… Such a time limited period for nominations skews the whole process, it basically fixes it”.

“The existing favourites, the Miliband brothers and maybe Ed Balls, will get on [the ballot sheet].”

“The Labour hierarchy seemed to have steamrollered this through. I know a lot of rank and file members will be very angry.”

“I just thought we learnt the lessons last time, we didn’t want a coronation.”

Mr McDonnell, MP for Hayes & Harlington is a chair for the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs in the last Parliament and is a leading leftist voice, and has a very ethically sound voting record. No wonder he isn’t being allowed a clear run to the leadership.

The Millies on the flipside have been given an unashamedly clear run to the top, oh my the zionists must be wetting themselves, not one but two of their boys have a chance to become leader of the opposition, and possibly a future prime minister.

Do you want to know how you win big on the horses? simple, you put your money on all of them, that way you win everytime.

The zionist lobby’s choke hold on British politics continues.


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