Mearsheimer: “There Will Be No Palestinian State, There Is No Political Will For It”

Professor John J. Mearsheimer recently delivered a fascinating lecture of the situation in Palestine. His lecture titled “The Future of Palestine: Righteous Jews vs. the New Afrikaners” was delivered at The Palestine Centre in Washington DC, and as his prognosis is disseminated, I’m sure it’ll have the zionists hopping mad, just like his now seminal piece “The Israel Lobby” did a couple of years back.

The full video is available to view here and I have taken the liberty of summarising the key findings for you below. For the more studious types out there, you can read the full unabridged transcript of his lecture here.

· There is not going to be a Palestinian state. There is no political will for it in Israel, and the US lacks the power to impose a two-state solution, largely because of the continuing power of the Israel Lobby. Netanyahu’s “victory was so complete that the Israeli media was full of stories describing how their prime minister had bested Obama and greatly improved his shaky political position at home.” Mearsheimer quotes Andrew Sullivan’s comment on “a cardinal rule of American politics: no pressure on Israel ever. Just keep giving them money and they will give the US the finger in return. The only permitted position is to say you oppose settlements in the West Bank, while doing everything you can to keep them growing and advancing.”

· A Palestinian state is anathema to the Israeli government – the most radically ethnonationalist in its history – and it contradicts basic Zionist ideology, going back to Mandate days: “From the start, Zionism envisioned an Israeli state that controlled all of Mandatory Palestine. There was no place for a Palestinian state in the original Zionist vision of Israel.”

· It is possible that there would be a mass ethnic cleansing – but such a “murderous strategy seems unlikely, because it would do enormous damage to Israel’s moral fabric, its relationship with Jews in the Diaspora, and to its international standing.” Nevertheless, “we should not underestimate Israel’s willingness to employ such a horrific strategy if the opportunity presents itself. It is apparent from public opinion surveys and everyday discourse that many Israelis hold racist views of Palestinians and the Gaza massacre makes clear that they have few qualms about killing Palestinian civilians. … Still, I do not believe Israel will resort to this horrible course of action.”

· The result is that the trends toward an “incipient apartheid state” will become a full-blown apartheid state “over the next decade.”

· “In the long run, however, Israel will not be able to maintain itself as an apartheid state. … It will eventually evolve into a democratic bi-national state whose politics will be dominated by the more numerous Palestinians.”

· An apartheid Israel is non-viable for several reasons: The information freely available on the Internet; continued outrage among the Arabs and Muslims; because it is “antithetical to core Western values”; because it endangers American lives; and because most American Jews will not back it.

· Elaborating on the last point, he divides American Jews into three groups, “righteous Jews” (liberals like Norman Finkelstein and Philip Weiss who are critical of Israel), “the great ambivalent middle,” and the “new Afrikaners” – people like Abe Foxman and Elie Wiesel whose views are identical to those of the politically dominant ethnonationalist government in Israel. At the very least, the new Afrikaners will support Israel no matter what it does.

· Although the organized Jewish community is now dominated by the new Afrikaners, this will not last because Jews, like other Americans are ill-informed about the extent of Israeli apartheid. “This situation, however, is unsustainable over time. Once it is widely recognized that the two-state solution is dead and Greater Israel is a reality, the righteous Jews will have two choices: support apartheid or work to help create a democratic bi-national state. I believe that almost all of them will opt for the latter option, in large part because of their deep-seated commitment to liberal values, which renders any apartheid state abhorrent to them.”


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One response to “Mearsheimer: “There Will Be No Palestinian State, There Is No Political Will For It”

  1. Moral and ethical bankruptcy

    Americans are finding a grotesque echo in the moral – ethical bankruptcy and worse of a substantial sector of American society.

    The “moral depravity” of “the Arabs” who kill innocent civilians. It is more than moral depravity. It is a culture that teaches, educates and breeds hate toward other societies that are not like them as they say “infidels”.

    There is no way this situation should be handled with kid gloves – when a poison strikes your body, you remove it and destroy it completely, leaving no trace of such poison.

    History has shown that these types of atrocities and acts of barbarism have increased in the past half a century and getting worse by the day.

    With today’s advancement in technology and telecommunications, the world has shrunk, events on the other side of the world affect everybody (like the Japanese Nuclear reactor fallout etc.) it affects our health our economy, brings fear and uncertainty to our lives.

    The financial crisis we are facing today is the price we pay for years of neglect and government abuse of power.

    Is today’s society heading toward annihilation, you be the judge?

    YJ Draiman

    The Qur’an 17:104 – states the land belongs to the Jewish people

    Every time there is a terrorist act, Israel should vacate an Arab village and raze it.

    In most lives, I suppose there comes a time when one has to make a supreme effort that calls for every morsel of more and more endeavor and more than not that effort has to be sustained.

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