11 responses to “Young, British & Angry – The EDL’s Racist Nature Exposed

  1. Tom

    Um, Islam is a religion, not a race. You can’t be racist against Muslims.

    You’re the racist for suggesting only Asians can be Muslim. There are also black & Caucasian Muslims.

    People really need to learn what ‘racism’ means before spouting this ever-trendy and ever-watered down word. Nobody even cares about being called racist any more because it’s thrown about so much.

    “OMG you dropped some litter, you racist!”

    “Pick up your dog’s poo, you racist!”

    “You don’t get homeless people change? What a racist you are!”

    Learn what the fricking word means. Opposing beheading Ken Bigley isn’t racism. It’s opposing beheading Ken Bigley.

    I suppose Ken Bigley’s family are racists for crying when the Muslims released his beheading video?

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      @ Tom

      I do not even know where to begin with your ignorant comments.

      Muslims make up close to 2 billion of the worlds population, if we choose to define ourselves as Muslim, rather than than the national entities that were created behind the collapse of the colonial expansionism of the British empire, then that is a decision you have to respect.

      The “you can’t be racist towards Muslims” mantra that is oft repeated by the knuckle dragging neanderthals is nothing short of arrogance and ignorance. The fact that Islamophobia – prejudice against a people based upon their religious convictions – is something that you and your cohorts are guilty of.

      Muslims from India & Pakistan where shipped in to do the jobs the so called indigenous people of the UK wouldn’t, we’ve been here for generations, and we’re not going anywhere.

      We fought and kicked the NF off the streets a generation ago, and all your provocations seem that you want to head to that same direction again.

      On your Ken Bigley comment, it was the very same “hate preachers” that are locked up with out charge or trial in Belmarsh today, that issued appeals directly to free another man kidnapped in Iraq.

      Abu Qatada voluntarily appealed for the release of Norman Kember, who was eventually freed, and in kind Kember put up the security for Qatada’s bail.

      I suggest you go away and do a bit of reading to cure your ignorance, my suggestion to you would be to start with:

      Islam in Britain, 1558-1685
      Professor N. Matar
      Cambridge University Press

      If I can allay your bigoted views any further, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

      The Angry Academic Activist.

      In the meantime have a view of this:

  2. steve O'Mara

    to N Matar…Well,I won’t address you as professor because anyone who professes to be a muslim cannot in my estimation be anything but one one those neanderthals or cro-magnons that you mention….having read the quran ,cover, to dull moronic cover,I can only say that to read it and be “impressed” suggests that you are really a very simple minded person.Islam must be eradicated from Britain,as it will be when your radical{thick and easily led]Muslim terrorist types really overstep the mark here as regards murdering our people.murder being your answer to everthing…Why the quran is allowed to be taught in British schools makes me doubt the backbone and intellect of our politicians.To imagine a world where Islam rules..is frankly disgusting…phrases such as ….”It would be better if all infidels could be persuaded to kill themselves”typifies the koranic, intellectual pornography…….Perhaps I should write an answer to the Koran…in it I will copy ,verbatim the actual koranic script,[YAWN]…except, I will change the word faithful [Muslims]to Jews and Christians,and I will urge the “New”, faithful,Jews and Christians to KILL and BURN all muslims and of course their wives and children too…..Why should retarded Islam have the monopoly on slaughter because their quran orders dull minded adherants to murder all infidels …..It is only necessart to enter the 2 words quran and kill, into any computer… a sick repetetive pattern of brainwashing then becomes self evident……….may I suggest that the most profound,perfect OXYMORON is ISLAMIC CHIVALRY…followed by ISLAMIC SCHOLARSHIP…..enough said “prof” ????

  3. Scott

    Anyone who is not a Muslim who has read the Koran, cannot be anything but shocked and disgusted by the level of hatred it displays towards anyone who is not a Muslim.

    If Islam was not a religion, it would be banned immediately for being a dangerous hate group.

  4. 324423

    “Anyone who is not a Muslim who has read the Koran, cannot be anything but shocked and disgusted by the level of hatred it displays towards anyone who is not a Muslim”

    “cannot be”…oh really!.. if you claim to have you read the Koran entirely (which i doubt) and have got this message then there is something seriously wrong with your head

  5. Sam

    To be honest it is your western nazi governments, that created, planned and executed the 911, Iraq and Afghanistan bollocks and killed 1,000,000 people in Iraq and 1,400 in Palestine and much more before and after in history so, I suggest you hate your government and not us Muslims, bye you bigots.

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  7. Rich

    I did hear Guramit Singh’s interview and he appeared reasonable and not at all racist to me.
    When asked [paraphrasing] “the TUC claimed there were racial chants during the demonstration – do you accept that there were racial chants and abuse and that whereas your organisation may not be racist there are elements in your organisation that are racist?”
    He replied [paraphrasing] “” There are some members that are racist as in any organisation and we are in the process of weeding them out as for racial chants I was there right though the demonstration and I never heard one racial chant or abuse. There may have been racial chants but I never heard a single one. Now people may have heard insulting chants towards the prophet Muhammad, but I completely condone that anyway. He should be insulted as he was a disgusting figure. Nothing wrong with that, but there were no racist chants that I heard at all.”
    Are you confusing insulting remarks to Muhammad with racial chants? Because they are not. There are many things about Muhammad which are less than admirable, to put it mildly and people should be allowed to criticise him, without being put to death as mandated by Islam.

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  9. arkan

    left wing vermin uaf/al qeada filth,you have picked a fight with people who will kick you commie terrorists asses and there is millions of us and few of you moronic filthy commie/al qaeda dogmuck..

  10. The quaran speaks the truth and the present day muslim is proof of where the muslim goes ,sharia goes,and then our rights as free people go ,no christian infidels are allowed for long ,lets pray to a god that said forgive !!!!after the old testtement,no shARIA ,LONG LIVE FREEDOM

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