The Idiocy of the Facebooking Generation

The rise of social networking sites like Facebook have been a phenomenal success of the “Web 2.0” era. Every single person I know uses that platform to spill their personal details on a publicly accessible website, from pictures, to who they are friends with, to where they schooled, lived, holidayed, worked, its all there.

Would you want a complete stranger knowing all your intimate details?

Would you stand on a street corner handing out flyers with all these details to complete strangers?

Don’t be silly, of course you wouldn’t, thats why there are privacy settings, so only the people I want to see my profile can see it.

Thats the standard response from those hooked to facebook.

Just think it through for a second….

Ever wondered why facebook asks so many questions?

Do you know about our government’s intentions of data mining and why they do it?

Ever wondered why any time there is a hint of “terrorist” activity, the first place they look for a photo of the accused is on facebook? better yet your entire “network” of friends is right there too, and so are all the messages you left on their wall. Every single key pushed, every button and profile viewed and clicked, is stored on the facebook servers, ready to share at a moments notice, whether thats for targeted ads or to share with the intel agencies.

Facebook’s bottom line is profit, the only way to do that is by “sharing”, ahem, SELLING the information you put in to your profile and your “likes.”

Facebook has revised its public policy and has turned most of your information public.

To regain some control of what information is floating on the internet about you, you must now go through 50 settings and more than 170 options, and even after jumping through all of those hoops, you cannot completely opt out of all the ways your information is being marketed and sold to various third parties.

Another website titled Please Rob Me which monitors services such as Foursquare, Brightkite, Google Buzz etc. The danger of publicly telling people where we are all the time should be apparent.

This is because it leaves one place you’re definitely not… home.

So here we are; on one end we’re leaving lights on when we’re going on a holiday, and on the other we’re telling everybody on the internet we’re not home.

Another website called Open Book has taken advantage of this window of opportunity by acting as a google type search engine for people who are not your facebook friends.

All you have to do is put a name or action in and it give status updates from the last few weeks which mention them. ANYONE (your employer, parents, police) can now Open Book your name in an effort to track your actions.

The addition of community pages means that if you listed that you attended a certain school or grew up in a certain town, then your voluntarily submitted information is inputted in to a community page, and it cannot be removed from that database.

So by now your thinking, I’ll just delete my page.

Guess what?

Facebook and all these social networking sites keeps your profile backed up.

Just in case you are ever tempted to come back.

Once a piece of information is out on the internet it is impossible to get rid off.

The Akh lives by the old saying “Loose lips sink ships” engage your brain and think about what you are saying and doing, before you do it, once your words leave your mouth, they are impossible to retract.


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