IDF’s Mark Regev Gets Told by Channel 4’s Jon Snow

Israeli propaganda team captain Mark Regev bit off more than he could chew when he tried to lie to Jon Snow on Channel 4’s evening news earlier tonight.

Your lies are too obvious for everyone, well done to Jon Snow, journo’s take note, this is how you interview israeli propagandists, with stern words, not kid gloves.

Gets heated from 3:20 in.



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18 responses to “IDF’s Mark Regev Gets Told by Channel 4’s Jon Snow

  1. ariel

    GOOD on him. Mark is smug liar who will make stuff up or have no proof whatsoever to make Israels attack remotely humane

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  3. John Mallory

    Seems to me that Mark Regev told the Israel version of the story. You can believe that the Israeli soldiers had no right to use lethal force. They do have the right to defend themselves when lethal force is used against them.
    What I got out of this interview is that Turkey is going to threaten Israel with military force(escorting Turkish ships with a military navel vessel). If this is true they should expect that that vessel will be sunk. It will be a provocation that will not be tolerated by any navy that is sworn to defend it’s cost from intruders. As Mark Regev stated that is a ridiculous proposition. If true Turkey will be joining the likes of Iran and become a first line enemy of Israel and a direct ally of Hamas.

    • Skyler

      You do realize, if Turkey decides to bring warships, their sole purpose be a defensive protection for their civilian ships. At which point any attack on any Turkish ship will result Turkey wanting to defend itself.

      If that were to happen, not only will the Arabs, Persians and Syrians will side with Turkey, but the rest of the world, who are completely against Israel’s actions right now, will also side with Turkey.

      Israel WILL NOT be confrontational if Turkey decides to bring her warships. Israel can not afford that.

      • unfortunately you do not understand Israel…she will have to sink the Turkish ships if they fire first…..Turkey will be humiliated… perhaps such a sinking spree will repay the torpedoing of the “Struma”in 1942…..cant waste anymore time on you …..sorry…

    • Yes israel will sink the Turkish ship or ships if they start a fire fight….Israelis have balls…the Brits allowed the Iranian “navy”to abduct their sailors recently,while a British warship watched..horrified………..and the 2 brits held by the Somali pirates would have been long free if they were israeli citizens…..So lets not preach to Israel..let us English quitly convert to Islam as the Labour party want……I dont suppose you ever heard of the Parekh report..Quote,”Britain must be viewed as a place not a race”…this from Labour Lord Parekh……..I think Israel find Britain ludicrous…….where did all the men go…..???

  4. h.münip buyan

    thank you Jon your’e angel man.

  5. Murat

    it is good to see that all people now understand israeli is completely wrong. They stole Palestine’s land and now they want to destroy all of the palestine people.

    Turkish people are peaceful but if İsraeli continue like this Turks can finish the job that Hitler could not complete.

    • steve omara

      Murat…..Turkish…???tough????who cares what turks do…at least now the Europeans know that turks are rabid muslims, such will not be welcome in the European community……Long live Israel…free men…not slaves of Islam………and murat…please change your screen name..Murat was a Napoleonic Marshal..a soldier of great accomplishment… …not the name for a muslim,a man who cannot think without consulting his childish koran…….p.s….look up Beslan….a muslim victory…your “men”managed to kill three hundred tiny children in a school in Russia…a legitimate target to muslims !! but only muslims….WOW ! you people disgust me….. and to think I have to share this planet with millions of you……

      • Cevat


        All you talk is bollocks. You see the things as you want to see. As our PM said, you very well know to kill innocent people.

        You are such a traitor. In the history how many times we have received unwanted jewish with open arms! Nevertheless, do not forget one thing, you can not afford Turkey’s hostility. Your saying Turkey will be humiliated never happened and will never happen. You need to study some history, dickhead !

  6. Regev has that rare gift, gravitas….Mr.Snow was just trying to be the usual BBC bullyboy…Regev is too polite…I would have suggested that Israel likes to know who and what enters the country,and WILL protect her citizens…Britain however,has no idea who enters her borders.Worse she allows her sailors to be arrested by the Iranian “navy”while the Royal navy watches unnerved and “helpless”…also, The 2 British people being held by the “mighty” Somali nation would not still be there if they were Israeli citizens …..enough said…….?????

    • LC

      Israel likes to know who enters the country??? Mr O’dummy,… mean Israel will most def steal your Identity….go on the other side of the Middle East and assasinate…. that is what you should say!
      And for God’s sake…go read some history and get your facts right….There isn’t a nation on Planet Earth that likes JEWS! FACT!
      Mention the word Jew….and everyone shivers….you know what I mean?! Of course you do…

      • steve omara

        well sound english…In a few years you gutless English men will be on your knees praying to Allah 5 times a day…….meanwhile israel will prosper..and defend herself…Oh by the way how are the 2 britons being held by the mighty Somali nation.???..and your Royal navy…surrendering sailors to the Iranian navy a year or so back..while a british warship quaked in fear and watched..pity the iranian rubber boats did not capture that as well..sad Men..sad country…a 15 year old jewish IDF girl soldier has more love for her tiny nation than you sad English could understand….

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    • YTZ

      invaders? You have’nt got any clue on that matter, do you? Everyone knows Hamas is in Gaza and israel wants them to suffer! But besides Hamas there are innocent children, mothers, human beings which deserve to live like anybody in the world.

      Be realistic! if u were there, what will u do if u’re under massacre of israel??

    • LC

      Muslim invaders??? You tiny insect….
      Did you know that for a FACT, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world? Israel should really be scared….There are over a BILLION muslims in the world compared to roughly 18 million Jews! Now go do your maths.
      Watch as Jews convert religion in the next few years… 🙂

  8. Frank

    On a different note, I think this is hilarious “Mark regev wants to join hamas PR ”

  9. Johannes Johannes

    A war between Turkey and Israel ?
    Israel has nuclear weapons and is crazy enough and nasty enough to use them.

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