3 responses to “Feeling The Hate In Tel Aviv – Israeli’s Celebrate The Murder’s of 19 Peace Activists


    excuse me but if your countrey were attacked by a nation of terrorist that attack cevillians
    would you not apply all necessary means to stop that nation from harming you including the search for weapons that she may or may not accecpt from nations who are cooporating with her (in this case gaza and the phalestinians)
    who knows better than you that jews have no other country except Israel.
    jews are persecuted in the whole world they deserver a country of their own.



  2. Response to the previous comment:

    Jews have been horribly persecuted all over the world, I agree with that. So how does that justify you taking over a land, killing the native population and declaring that God gave it to you? Doesn’t that make you just as bad as the very people you claim to hate, the Nazis for instance? I try to feel sorry for brainwashed peeps like you, but every time you lot turn a blind eye to the suffering and injustice you’re causing to so many people, I change my mind.

  3. John

    Just as some victims of paedophiles become child molesters themselves, some Israelis have become just like the Nazis. Of course there are many good and decent Jews but it certainly seems to me that they are in the minority in the Nazi Israeli State. How could any state made up of predominantly good people instruct their military to put a bullet in the brain of teenage Palestinians as a punishment for protesting by way of throwing stones, and then defend such actions through the spin of high profile Nazi, Mark Regev?

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