Letter To Steve Baker MP & His Response RE: “Israeli Interception”

The Akh has written to his UK Member of Parliament, Steve Baker, Conservative, asking him to spell out the actions our government intends to take in response to Israel’s murder on the high seas of Gaza-bound international aid workers.

Dear Steve Baker MP,

I am writing to call for urgent action against the killing of and aggression against innocent civilians by Israel on board the humanitarian convoy that had been headed to deliver aid to Gaza.

As you are well aware, Israel has launched a campaign of misinformation to try to justify the unjustifiable murders it has committed, as well as the violation of the rights of this convoy to sail international waters in order to deliver aid. Their only crime has been that they tried to bring desperately needed food, medicine and building materials to the people of Gaza. They were stopped in international waters, 40 miles off the coast of Gaza. It is reported that at least 19 have been killed and 60 injured, while the remaining 600 peaceful activists have been forcefully incarcerated in detention facilities.
These are the facts that have been disseminated from the media, whilst I understand it remains a very fluid & changeable situation.

The Israeli government has once again acted in defiance of international law and has shown its utter contempt and belligerence to the international community with the continuing three-year siege of Gaza, a collective punishment that is in breach of international law, the illegal building of settlements in the West Bank, the illegal routing of the separation wall, the illegal annexation of East Jerusalem and now the illegal boarding of a charity convoy in international waters and the murder of at least 19 unarmed civilian passengers.

This attack is a serious infringement of the principles of international law and I call on our own Government and the EU, to apply pressure to lift the ongoing blockade and collective punishment of more than 1.5 million civilians in Gaza, a blockage which makes essential humanitarian aid for the population of Gaza virtually impossible to deliver.

Whilst accepting Foreign Secretary William Hague’s comments that he “deplore(s) the loss of life during the interception of the Gaza flotilla”, I feel that an outright and unambiguous statement condemning Israel for their actions is far more needed.

Please advise what urgent action you have taken in respect of:-

1. Condemnation of the Israeli attack, deaths and kidnap.
2. Ethical, openness, fairness and transparency of reporting required of the media.
3. How to handle our country’s continued relationship with Israel.
4. Dealing with the safety and return of the kidnapped and incarcerated passengers including any such Britons affected and the return of (and transparent inquests for) Britons who may have been killed.
5. The opening of the illegal land,air and sea blockade on the people of Gaza.

I’d like to know your reaction to these outrageous events and would also like to know what actions you personally will be taking to ensure that Israel is held accountable for its reckless actions.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest possible convenience.

Your constituent

Akh The Angry Academic Activist

To which I have received the following response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact me about Israel’s interception of a vessel in international waters off of the Gaza Strip.

I deplore the loss of life that occurred during the Israeli Defence Forces’ interception of the flotilla vessel ‘Mavi Marmara.’ There should be an independent inquiry to establish the facts of the incident, including whether more could have been done to minimise the risks or to reduce the number of deaths and injuries. There is a clear need for Israel to act with restraint and in line with international obligations.

This includes lifting the restrictions on access to Gaza in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1860.

The on-going conflict in this region is a tragedy that reverberates throughout the globe and I appreciate the strength of feeling this situation elicits from good people on both sides. I can assure you that the Government will continue to work in the UN Security Council and with the Quartet on the Middle East in promoting peace and the adherence to international law and working to secure a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Yours sincerely

Steve Baker MP

It seems that I have received a pretty standard copy and paste response, judging by his twitter feed, Steve is more preoccupied with the economy then anything else.

Looks like The Akh is going to have to increase the pressure on Steve.

If any other of his constituents have heard from him, then get in touch with The Akh, I’m rallying support and demanding a meeting with him.


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