UK Zionists & EDL Unite Against Palestine

The Zionist Federation now feels so politically isolated that it is prepared to work with the EDL. The spectacle of stewards of the Community Security Trust, created to opposing anti-semitism, are jointly organising a counter-demonstration with the blatantly racist English Defence League.

Jonathan Hoffman, vice chairman of the Zionist Federation, has previously given an interview to a reporter where he openly defended demonstrating with the EDL as ‘there was no proof of any link with the BNP.’

One inherently racist ideology supporting another.

Source: Tony Greenstein’s Blog


Israel’s propaganda hasbara squads have targeted me with their ads, do not pay any attention to their lies that appear, unfortunately I have no control over this and have contacted wordpress to eliminate this problem.

Israel knows that their position is indefensible and are doing everything in their power to suppress the truth.

These people are the true enemies of free speech, do not believe their lies for one instance



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2 responses to “UK Zionists & EDL Unite Against Palestine

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  2. Dave Rich, CST

    Please note that Tony Greenstein’s allegation that CST or the ZF cooperated with the EDL is not true and a comment has been posted on his blog to that effect.

    CST has always condemned the EDL and will continue to do so.

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