Zionists & English Defence League – Different Cheeks Of The Same Ass

Yesterday, The Akh was targeted by Israel’s hasbara squad, using google ads, they targeted blogs and websites who criticise Israel for their murderous activities and in doing so get plenty of pro-Israeli (and strangely enough pro Qadiani/Ahmadiyya) ads popping up on their blogs. You can read up about their modus operandi in a previous post I made.

Finding there is no way to switch off these ads, I simply put a disclaimer out, stating they have nothing to do with me, and are sadly beyond my control, and am still waiting to hear from this blogs hosts on how to rectify this glitch.

No sooner had that happened that I received the following email:

Please note that Tony Greenstein’s allegation that CST or the ZF cooperated with the EDL is not true and a comment has been posted on his blog to that effect.

CST has always condemned the EDL and will continue to do so.

Dave Rich, CST
June 4, 2010 at 09:31 · Edit

Dave Rich is Deputy Director of Communications at the Community Security Trust, his reason for being is to protect the image of Israel at all costs.

Now Dave is hoping that he can somehow put the frighteners on me so that I would retract my statement.

Richard Bartholomew makes a strident case on how the racist EDL have jumped into bed with the repugnant zionists.

Blogger Junipus in the Desert reports from Wednesday’s Zionist Federation rally in support of Israel, which took place outside the Israeli embassy in central London as a response to the Gaza flotilla raid:

“There were about 2000 of us, including the EDL, JewishEDL set up by the wondrous Joe Bloggs who set up the LGBT EDL.”

The EDL had previously announced its intention to join the rally, although there is not much information about how many showed up or what part they played; Tony Greenstein, who was part of a pro-Palestinian counter-protest nearby, alleges that at least one steward was EDL, but other than “Junipus” those who took part in the rally itself have been keen to stress that the EDL was not involved. The BBC reports:

“Organisers of the pro-Israel protest said they had made it clear that the EDL, who have been accused of Islamophobia, were not welcome but that a separate space had been reserved for them.”

Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation writes on his own blog at the Jewish Chronicle that:

“There may have been EDL members in the vicinity but to my knowledge there were none with the ZF in the area enclosed by barriers…. The BNP and EDL have known links. The ZF will have nothing to do with either organisation.”

The Jewish Chronicle tells us that

“Rumours that the English Defence League were planning to attend the demonstration appeared to be unfounded. One EDL member was spotted by protesters on the other side of the street but he did not join the throng.”

The JC also has an article with further details of the “EDL Jewish division”, noting that:

“The former CST member, Mark Israel, claimed Jews should back the EDL as an alternative to existing community groups.”

The ”English Defence League Jewish Division” has a Facebook page here.

Dave, The Akh suggests that you go away and do your research, check the actions of your own before throwing accusations.

In the meantime, please turn up tomorrow:

Gaza Flotilla March
Saturday 5th June 2010 London

*** End the Siege of Gaza: Freedom for Palestine ***

Assemble 1:30pm at Downing Street (nearest station Westminster or Charing Cross) and then march to Israeli Embassy

Anyone wants to meet me, I’ll be on the twitter, so drop me a line.

Hope to see you down there!



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3 responses to “Zionists & English Defence League – Different Cheeks Of The Same Ass

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  2. Luther Blissett

    The truth is that there was only one EDL member inside the ZF demo, and that person was Matthew Kaplan, the EDL media/PR.

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