Zionist Shills Say “Just Torpedo The Next Flotilla”

“The Next flotilla — just sink it. Torpedo it. See how many more flotillas follow. The condemnation won’t be any different. But you’ll stop seeing cowardly western leftists signing up to sail with the terrorists, and you may even dent the number of terrorists who’ll want to sail, and you’ll see less ship owners willing to lose their boats. Better that than even one more Jew being injured while boarding these floating Jenins.”

These are the words of hatred being spewed on a mainstream Jewish website, The Jewish Week, by its Associate Editor Jonathan Mark.

As if inciting the potential mass murder of unarmed civilians isn’t enough, considering what the Israeli death squads have already done to the Gaza Freedom Flotilla peace activists.

For advocating peace, justice, equality for Palestinians and Israelis, and an end to racism, Palestinians and their allies are routinely villified as “extremists,” “radicals,” “terrorists” and “terrorist-lovers” and so on. “Polite” society from Barack Obama on down shuns anyone critical of Israel.

Yet here, in one of the “respectable” newspapers of the American Jewish community comes another example of the casual vilification and calls for mass murder which pass without any notice or outrage from the American mainstream.

More evidence of the sickness that lurks in America on the subject of Israel.


Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire speaks by telephone from aboard the Rachel Corrie MV en route to Gaza. #Flotilla She hopes that the Israeli’s will let the ship dock in Gaza.


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