Video Footage: Gaza Flotilla National Demonstration London 5 June 2010

The Akh was amongst 25000 people who turned up to march from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington where a mass rally was held by the great and the good people of the UK to show our collective outrage at the brutal and illegal actions of the Israeli Government towards the people of Gaza & Palestine.

The Akh was more more than happy to see such a vast cross section of our people turn up in their numbers, all colours, creeds, nationalities and religions gathered together to show their love of humanity and freedom, the very same ideals denied to the people of Palestine by the zionist regime in israel.

The Akh was also glad to see the MPAC team on the ground in full force, judging by the response of the now deposed hard core zionist flag waving MP Andrew Dismore’s twitter feed you can see for yourself that MPAC’s actions in running a campaign against such an odious individual were absolutely spot on. The less pro israel, pro zionist MP’s there are in this country, the less influence israel has in protecting its colonial enterprise, it’s a shame that the election wasn’t happening in a few weeks time, and we could have kicked out more of these duplicitous reprobates who put the lure of the israeli shekel before humanity and morality.

The bias in reporting by the BBC and rupert murdoch’s zionist media empire have downplayed the numbers, and given little to no coverage of this event.

Just as Brother George said, “By land and by sea, we are going back to #Gaza the day after Ramadan. A new convoy through Europe & Turkey. The siege must end”

End the blockade and illegal collective punishment of 1.5 million Gazans.

Free Palestine!



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