Steve Baker MP On Gaza Flotilla Murders

Earlier this month, The Akh blogged on the response he had received from his MP Steve Baker on the situation of the peace activists murdered by Israeli commando’s aboard the Gaza flotilla.

The Akh has been encouraged to see Steve issuing a personal statement although he has failed to sign the EDM based upon his own principles, one which The Akh would like to see him expand on.

Whilst encouraging Steve Baker on this step, as well as his maiden speech in parliament last week The Akh is a little perturbed to find out about the existence of a “Wycombe Muslim Communication Forum” a quick Google search led me to the local council’s site on Preventing Violent Extremism.

This forum is not one that The Akh is aware of, or indeed that it has any sort of public face whatsoever. The Akh would not be surprised one bit if it’s made up of the same self elected wycomite mafia family’s that have proceeded to run this town since day one.

The previous MP, Paul Goodman, decided not to stand for re-election, despite being one of the few MP’s to come out of the expenses scandal totally unscathed. However, his recent musings on his blog on the conservative home site titled “A few deaths on a boat in the Middle East are a sideshow of a sideshow”, were crassly timed.

“As a Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism with an interest in Islam, representing for ten years the largest number of Muslim constituents of any Conservative MP, I think it’s fair to say that I had an interesting time in my former seat – High Wycombe.

For better or worse, I supported Israel’s action in the Lebanon and opposed it in Gaza. I explained my position on Israel/Palestine in meetings with my Muslim constituents (and others), and didn’t make the speeches and take the actions which they’d have liked.

These discussions could fairly be described as “full and frank”. Talking of my relationship with my Muslim constituents, I want to put it on record that the amount of personal anti-semitism which I encountered in ten years in Wycombe was, as it were, statistically insignificant.

My background was well-known. It didn’t stop me polling somewhere between 30 and 40 per cent of the Muslim vote – on a rough but informed assessment – in 2001 and 2005. This total was probably as high as that of any other Conservative candidate in the country.

Goodness knows what my Muslim constituents thought of my views. I explained many times what I thought of theirs: namely, that while I understood their identification with the Palestinians, and supported a Palestinian state, the Israel/Palestine conflict is, frankly, a sideshow – from the point of view of the British national interest (which I hoped they were bearing in mind).”

Whats interesting is how Paul Goodman describes how he effectively had to keep the “restless natives” on track whilst in office, not particularly hard when all you’re asked to do is to help on trivial matters like approving a planning application for a masajid extension or writing a letter of support for some community fixer’s cousin visa application, yes, i’m afraid to say that is the level to which the great and the good Wycomites stand at.

Goodman used the platform to attack Iran, the levels of poor education amongst Muslims globally, “Saudi Arabia, Wahabism – the extremist, fanatical, neo-Kharijite ideology which drives Al Qaeda” and the Sunni Shia schism….in fact everything except from the real issue of the day, Israel’s murder of nine unarmed civilians in international waters.

I would like to remind both Steve and Paul, that firstly Israel was created by the British mandate in Palestine and handed over the land under the auspices off the Balfour Declaration in 1917. It’s no good trying to fudge Britain’s responsibility for it’s actions then (and unintended consequences) of the region today.

Secondly, The secret Sykes Picot agreement of 1916 carved up the Middle East into spheres over which Britain and France were to rule.

The “West’s” policy towards the Middle East has always been two fold, protect Israel above any and all costs and to secure a cheap and readily available energy supply.

It is precisely the backlash to this colonial enterprise and the setting and propping up off tinpot dictators masquerading as “Royal Families” through out the area is what as led us to where we stand today.


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