Israeli Army Recruiting In The UK

Aish Malach is a new body set up to actively recruit scores of non-Israeli Jews, many of them American, to serve in the Israeli army death squads. Consider the fact that many Jewish Israeli’s are no longer willing to take up mandatory national service for a zionist cause, and scores of former soldiers are now so against the atrocities being committed against defenceless civilians in the name of a “Jewish” homeland, they would rather face jail time then join up.

It is a closely guarded fact that Israel recruits for its death squads, right here in Britain. The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) has called for Jewish British students to voluntarily serve in the Israeli Army.

The Akh would like to send out a timely reminder to the great and the good that govern us of the Foreign Enlistment Act of 1870:

The Akh would also like to point out that its illegal for British citizens to serve in the Israeli army as Israel is in a state of war with several Arab nations which are at peace with the UK – according to the legislation above – its a crime for a British subject to enlist in the army of a foreign nation that is at war with any country that the UK is at peace with.

Recently ex-Israeli Jewish academic Ilan Pappe was vilified for accusing Jewish campus groups in the UK of being “”ambassadors of Israel”, the reality seems far worse – by openly recruiting for the IDF, the UJS has clearly revealed itself as an agent of a foreign power.

As such, British universities and colleges should take a firm stand against it by giving no platform to any campus society that affiliates with UJS and the Government needs to have a clear line denouncing and outlawing the recruitment of UK citizens by Israel into its death squad of an army.

After all, we are all against our citizens going abroad for training in terrorist training camps, aren’t we?



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4 responses to “Israeli Army Recruiting In The UK

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  2. Georges

    hey i was really glad to read this i have being wanting to join the army now for some time and when i read this i just knew is the right place to come to.Really need help here.please advice

  3. Timothy

    Am Timothy goodday a full NIGERIA citizen liven in Ghana and working
    with IBK LTD,

    I wanted to join ISRAELI army Can this be possible?

  4. KWAKU

    i was really glad to read this i have being wanting to join the army and after reading this i’m glad i didnt THANK YOU

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