The V’s & Zionism – Science Fiction Mirroring Reality

The Akh has been watching “V” a remake of the 80’s classic sci-fi, where a militaristic alien starfleet arrives on Earth, and its people, human-like aliens, infiltrate every level of human society.

But a select few become suspicious; forming a resistance, the Fifth Column, they soon discover the truth — the Visitors are not like us, they are not our friends, and they don’t want our help; they have a far more hidden & sinister purpose to serve.

The Akh has been watching this with one eye on how Israeli Zionists operate.

Take the V high commander, Anna , who reassuringly sticks to the mantra, “Don’t be frightened. We mean you no harm.”

The Visitors spread their message quickly and clearly: They come in peace (Israel is always at peace, surrounded by blood thirsty Arabs who want to drive them into the sea), bearing gifts of medical miracles and technological breakthroughs (take Israel’s claims of R&D and innovation, usually in the military sector, bankrolled by billions in aid from the US) far beyond our wildest imaginations.

Through their Peace Ambassadors program (zionist advocates, right here in Britain you can take your pick), the Visitors have built a loyal following.

There are those who believe they are strategically arming themselves with a very powerful weapon: Devotion. Note how Christian fundamentalists support the zionist cause as they believe it will hasten the return of Jesus.

But not everyone trusts the V’s.

There are some V’s who have turned against their leadership and have became known as the Fifth Column and along with the humans it is their job to expose the V’s for what their true purpose is….anyone who resists or criticises is smeared or hunted down and killed, sound familiar to anyone?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s a character of Chad Decker, who is an ambitious network news anchor. He scored the first one-on-one TV interview with Anna. This led to an exclusive relationship that furthered Chad’s career while providing positive PR for the V’s. This was necessary because there are those who are skeptical of Anna’s intentions and need to be won over.

Hasbara anyone?

Not too far a contention with the zionist media brigade – whether that’s Regev, Aaronavitch or the husband and wife team of mad mel philips and joshua rozenberg…thats before I even mention rupert murdoch’s media empire.

Right wing zionists have also gotten whiff of the allegorical aspect of the show, and have used it to bash Barack Obama.

All The Akh has to say is – John May Lives!


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One response to “The V’s & Zionism – Science Fiction Mirroring Reality

  1. Jarrar

    You may be reading a bit to much into it, however its amazing in its psycology, how to make a suspisous population pliant, carrot and stick, and infiltrators.

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