Former US Marine Kenneth O’ Keefe Rebuts Israeli Lies Over Flotilla Massacre

Its part & parcel of the game that Israel’s advocates will attempt every method to ensure that their side of the story dominates the media and the general public’s subconscious. In the aftermath of Israel’s assassination of 9 peace activists aboard the MV Mavi Marmara, Israel sent their hasbara (propaganda & PR) teams into overdrive, so the ensuing narrative would be that peaceful unarmed activists on a ship, would be portrayed as murderous terrorists. While machine gun toting Israeli commando’s equipped with night vision lenses, stun grenades and 9mm pistols were peacefully going about their business.

For us on the blogosphere, we present information as we receive it, and trust the viewers judgement, unlike the watered down media corporations, who present it as they want it to be, through a crystallised bias lens.

In doing so, I and many others leave ourselves open to be targeted by Israel’s online hasbara squad, on which I’ve blogged extensively about here, here and here.

On an increasing note, Pro-Israeli’s are leaving streams of messages on my blog, some abusive, others not and the choice is down to me on what I publish, take for example a recent comment:

“I could not expect to see a more, biased, one sided piece of dribble if I tried.
Every piece of evidence shows that NONE of the other ships had any injuries and that only te one where the soldiers were attacked did anything happen.
You need to get you facts right before you spurt this garbage on the internet”

It would be all to simple to consign this rant into the spam section and forget about it, or tell him if wants “biased one piece dribble” he should stick to watching Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News or reading any of his papers.

This recent BBC Hardtalk programme is evidence, if any was needed, that the BBC is simply not following its own charter in providing fair and accurate programming.

Note the presenters hostility towards Ken O’ Keefe, I’m sure a person with lesser convictions may have buckled under the quite ridiculous line of questioning, which seems to have been drawn from an Israeli Defence Force press release.

The Akh met Ken O’ Keefe last year, and is happy to say that the brother Ken is one of the most realist people he has met, who walks the walk like he talks the talk and he certainly takes no prisoners and says it how it is, regardless of who he is speaking to.

Watch the interview, and see how to handle yourself if you are ever face to face with a hardcore advocate of the zionist project.

The Akh is currently away, and will try to update every few days as time and web connection dictates.



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2 responses to “Former US Marine Kenneth O’ Keefe Rebuts Israeli Lies Over Flotilla Massacre

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  2. How can anyone begin a sentence with the words “Israel says . . . ” and expect to be taken seriously? Israel has absolutely no credibility. It has lied, in some way or another, about every major incident/event that has occurred in Palestine since 1948.

    The purpose of its lies about its attack on the Mavi Marmara is the same as the purpose of almost all its other lies: to make its victims appear responsible for their own suffering/misfortune.

    As soon as I heard about the attack, I predicted that Israel, in an attempt to exculpate itself, would again resort to Golda Meir’s line: “Look at what you made us do to you!” That is eactly what happened, and it is sad to see that so many gullible souls have been taken in by it.

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