America Responsible for Pakistan Terrorist Attacks

The Akh has to agree with Imran Khan’s statement that the government of Pakistan is a slave of the US and that the ongoing terrorism in the country would continue until Washington stopped meddling in the internal affairs of Islamabad.

The Akh is an ardent critic of the Pakistani administration and opposes its dependency on US and international aid, which is siphoned off by the sycophantic ruling elite.

XE services, the new name for Blackwater mercenaries have been operating in Islamabad for some time, The Akh points out to the correlation of XE being in Pakistan, and the rise in so called terrorist attacks.

The civil war in Pakistan runs along the lines of localised geo politics. The Chinese are backing Pakistan’s central government in Islamabad and the U.S. are backing the Taliban.

The Taliban are America’s secret proxy army.

Xe Services denies the company is operating in Pakistan. Jeremy Scahill’s analysis provides interesting reading.

The Akh is of the thought that in these times a denial is as good as a confession.



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2 responses to “America Responsible for Pakistan Terrorist Attacks

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  2. neel123

    This ass hole has his eyes fixed on the next elections.
    He never had any problems when Pakistan received the tens of billions of dollars from the Americans for decades, but his ass burns when the Americans ask for some leverage in Pakistani affairs, in exchange.

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