Protesting Greeks Shut Down El- Al’s Israel Bound Flights

Members of a Greek Labour Union blockaded the EL-AL check in desks yesterday at Athens Airport, to protest against the Gaza blockade and the zionist state’s oppressive policies.

“This was an action taken in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their effort to establish a Palestinian state”

Union spokesman Giorgos Pontikos told the AP. He said police were present at the protest but did not intervene.

Wednesday’s protest occurred as a Libyan chartered ship carrying aid to the Gaza Strip was being diverted to an Egyptian port to avoid being killed by Israeli navy commando’s whose blockade of the Palestinian coastal territory continues.

At a time when Greece is in turmoil due to the ever worsening financial climate, it’s refreshing to see ordinary Greeks stand up for the rights of others.

Resistance by all means necessary – The Akh salutes you.


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One response to “Protesting Greeks Shut Down El- Al’s Israel Bound Flights

  1. Jarrar

    The calls for boycott, disinvestment and sanctions is growing and the tide of hatred and lies is being repulsed by the march of the righteous!!!

    Onward and forward!!!

    However its a pity that a nation in which people are losing their jobs and is in the depths of recession is standing upto the enemies of Islam whilst our muslims brothers and sisters sit back and do nothing, they dont even dare speak out!!

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