PVE Is Dead!…Long Live PVE?

The Preventing Violent Extremism programme has been scrapped after lengthy derision and opposition by some clued up Muslims & civil liberty groups who saw the scheme for what it was, a covert intelligence gathering operation, and is a topic The Akh has blogged on extensively.

The Akh welcomes the scrapping of this programme and applauds all those individuals who didn’t sell themselves and their communities out by taking intelligence approved money and snitching on their own.

The Akh wonders what will replace it, already there is talk of:

No Fly Lists pre-flight checks to identify people who pose a severe terrorist threat and prevent them from flying into or out of the United Kingdom. This is thought to refer to the introduction of behavioural profiling, I suppose that means if you are politically active, have a name that is somewhat Islamic and you’ve flown to Iran or Pakistan then you are at greater scrutiny.

Behavioural Analysis Techniques at airports, including risk assessments based on how an individual paid for his ticket, his luggage and his behaviour at the airport. Advocates insist it does not involve racial profiling. If you are of olive skin complexion and paid cash for your ticket, are travelling lightly, and you’re in a rush to catch your flight, leaving you hot and bothered, then watch out, you just may get pulled out of the line at the airport…no racial profiling…yeah right.

If the DemCon government truly wish to see a reduction in the so called threat to the UK from terrorists, they would firstly understand the part the role of the UK’s foreign policy plays in creating the threat in the first place.

Let’s hope the Liberal Democrats stick to their policy and redress the balance between the state and the citizen, give us some of our personal liberties back that the Labour government criminally stole from us under the guise of protecting us through anti terror legislation.

The last government stole more of our freedom’s and liberties then any Al-Qaeda ever did.


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