Grass & Shrubs Worth More Than British Soldiers Lives

The Anti War, Democracy Village protest site at Parliament square was physically cleared by security forces this morning. Mayor Boris Johnson had stated that the protesters had damaged the grass and shrubs on parliament square, whereas the consensus of The Akh is that the true criminal damage is the death and destruction wrought by illegal and inhuman wars.

The Akh would like to ask how many politicians actually subscribe to the whole concept of accountable democracy. Yes, it’s OK in theory and you’ll always make grandstanding speeches about it when referring to other countries, but when the people start turning up in numbers that are sufficient enough to threaten to take control away, suddenly freedom and democracy evaporate.

All of this isn’t to say that people can protest there for as long as they like whenever they like, but the way he’s gone about this, pretending he’s all for democracy and freedom, then using a blatant falsehood in his justification for taking legal action is wrong and leaves a rather nasty taste, much like most of politricks today.

Never have ordinary people been so close to parliament and yet so far from the politicians who hide behind the thick slabs of concrete inside the house of commons.


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