Nick Clegg: “Iraq War Was Illegal”

Acting Prime Minister Nick Clegg categorically stated that the invasion of Iraq was illegal, as the video from yesterdays PM question time shows.

This comes from the highest man in office to publicly state the invasion was illegal.

The media witch hunt against him will begin in earnest, and he will be forced to retract what he said.

It’s not clear which scenario is applicable:

A) Clegg is not, actually, really bothered about the Iraq War. He was just getting worked up, forgetting his script and ‘losing it’ in his haste to berate a political opponent – chief cheerleader for the illegal invasion – Jack Straw?

B) Clegg really does hold a belief based on principle rather than expediency: the Iraq War was “illegal”. And his ‘gaffe’ marks the first sign of real tension in the coalition?

Carne Ross has over fifteen years diplomatic experience in the British Foreign Office and United Nations. Between 1997-98, he served as the speechwriter to the British Foreign Secretary, preparing speeches on all areas of British foreign policy. He then spent four and a half years in the UK delegation on the UN Security Council, where he was the delegation’s Middle East “expert” (with the rank of First Secretary).

He is as close as to an “expert” there is on the Middle East.

Have a read of what he had to say when giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry.

“…the UK assessment of the Iraqi threat that were, in their totality, lies.”

A lot of what he said went deliberately missing from the mass media’s coverage, although The Guardian’s Chris Ames’s had an excellent write-up, stating Ross’s evidence was:

“not the sort of words you are supposed to use at an establishment inquiry”

Perjury + mendacity = Cover up.


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