What Is Cameron’s “Big Society” All About?

David Cameron and his Conservative party have made a big deal about their “Big Society” pledge, but do any of us have a clue to what the real agenda is?

Let The Akh break it down for you.

Big Society should be read as unpaid ordinary people running services (in most cases that they are not qualified to run) while the rich and powerful big-wigs pocket the savings from effectively out sourcing the daily running of their operations.

You can bet that bankers, corporate executives and even numbskull footballers (the next generation’s middle class) won’t be volunteering.

As expected, the pre-election friendly Tory party is gone.

Instead of having the balls to cut services – the government are letting ill equipped individuals run services into the ground – and then shift the blame onto them for ill performing schools and hospitals.

The vindictive, slash and burn, nasty party of Thatcher’s era is back with a vengeance.


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