The True Nature of The Afghan War

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The truth is often the first casualty of any war – The War of Terror in Afghanistan has been a primer about media control and manipulation. What was supposed to be a clean operation has turned into a war of attrition – what is shown to us the viewer back home is of a clean, almost surgical like efficiency in dealing with “insurgents”, “taliban” and “Al-CIAda”.

I put these into brackets simple because any civilian deaths are marked off as being resistance fighters belonging to one of any of these self created factions that are used to terrorise us back in “The West”, the uber bogeyman if you will.

There will be plenty of recrimination for WikiLeaks, I’m sure they will be attacked, accused and smeared by the military industrial complex for putting our soldiers lives at risk by publishing this data. The fact that WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange has been on the run for the last few months from the American Army should tell you how seriously pissed off the Army is.

This past Friday, 45 Afghani civilians were murdered in a botched NATO air strike.

The self righteous media always extols its virtues of human rights yet fall deadly silent in their condemnation of their own leadership.

This subservient form of reporting in which the media swallow the government line and will not report on the deaths of Afghan civilians, or it is reported almost as an after thought, as this will harm the war effort back home.

Am I the only one who refuses to trade in humanity for patriotism?



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