The Fall of The US Empire

America has dominated the world economically, militarily, politically and culturally and has used these four factors to underpin and support one other, but what happens when these foundations begin to crumble?

In an effort to try to externalise, to say that there are enemies abroad that are trying to get at us, instead of saying the obvious, namely that we have made a construction, and that construction is dying itself is self deluding.

Johan Galtung is a founder of the field of peace and conflict studies, he’s spent the past half-century pursuing nonviolent conflict resolution in international relations. His latest book is The Fall of the US Empire – And Then What?

He recognises Sykes Picot, Balfour Declaration, The Occupation & Dismantling of the Islamic Caliphate as the imperial tools that Muslims have a gripe with, which manifests itself today as a simple ugly caricature of “they hate us for our freedoms and democracy”.

This highly unintelligent and yet intoxicating narrative is one that is widely accepted by the masses.

The Washington consensus which the rest of the “Western world” follows is hell bent on pursuing a victory, one which will never happen.

And here’s why – 1.6 billion Muslims are dedicated to the idea of defending Islam when it’s trampled upon.

The notion of defending Islam is represented in various forms – for some will travel to Afghanistan, or any other front opened in the never ending war of terror.

Secondly, there is no capitulation in Islam – in other words, the time perspective of the Muslim community is unlimited. I don’t think the time perspective of Washington is unlimited. So you can say, of course, who has the longer time perspective will win. There may be some local capitulation, a white flag somewhere, but by and large the usual scenario of a tent, maybe, with a camping table, somebody diligently typing a couple of copies of a capitulation document and “please sign on the dotted line,” forget about it.

Forget about it.

That’s not the way it happens these days.


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