From My Inbox: Hardcore Zionist Ask’s The Akh Why Boycott Israel?

Here’s an email The Akh received the other day, from one “A.Blum”, in which The Akh is called (not very surprisingly) an anti-semite. The Akh issues his rebuttal:

“You are dishonest. You pretend you don’t have a clear political philosophy- but one thing you say clearly with your insignia- on that you are clear, like all conventional left-antisemites: “Boycot Israel”. I am a proud Jew & Israeli, living in the only free-democracy in the Middle-East: Why don’t you fight against oppression against freedom in the many Arab countries; oppression against women; the lack of freedom & democracy in all these countries; the perversion of Islam; against primitive terrorism of those organisations as Hizboullah, hamas. You are the new fascists oif our time. I suggest you study the views, not of me, a Jew, but those of the famous left-wing Spanish journalist. Try to reply to her well-expressed critique of the conventional left-wing antisemites, like you. Don’t boycott Israel- learn from a free-democracy & liberate the modern Arabs from their ignorance & bigotry, hatreds & violence.”

A. Blum

So Mr. Blum where to begin with your hasbara of the zionist state?

The Akh suggests you go and read The Torah.

You see the simple belief amongst the world’s Jewry is that exile is interpreted as a divine punishment for their sins. Thus, exile is the result of metaphysical forces.

It cannot be rectified by force, political efforts or any other this worldly means. Jews yearn for the Biblically promised redemption of the entire world to be ushered in by the Heavenly appointed Messiah.

This yearning manifested itself over the centuries only in prayer, good deeds and a spirit of penitence. This is the only Divinely sanctioned methodology to end the punishment of exile.

Zionism, at root, rejected this sacred view of history. Its vision was and is limited to material cause and effect.

Hence, to the Zionist mind – which has come, tragically, to dominate much of contemporary public discussion – exile was simply the result of Jewish political weakness.

The zionist solution was to establish political sovereignty over the Holy Land. In order to do so they agitated politically and eventually launched a military conquest in order to capture the Land.

Blind to both Torah imperatives and elementary justice they disregarded that a people was already inhabiting the land.

Thus, their efforts required the dispossession those who had lived there for centuries, the Palestinian people.

Maybe The Akh has it all wrong, but it seems to me that you’re of the view that religion should be followed as long as they go along with your distorted view of a secularised form of judaism that has been hijacked by land grabbing zionists.

People of good conscience have chosen to boycott israeli products and companies supporting the zionist state.

Ethical purchasing decisions which take hold in the worldwide Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions of a state that was created by terrorism, and continues to brutally oppress and murder anyone who criticises or resists their actions will be charged with false anti-semitism.

How disappointing.


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  1. Quest?

    Why do you let these idiots comments go up on your blog?

    just ignore them

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