Ramadhan Kareem Mubarak

All praises are due to Allah Az’Wajjal that He is allowing us to experience yet another Ramadan!

This month comes about only once a year, and Allah knows best if He will allow us to experience another! So we have to make sure our time is spent in that which will bring about the pleasure of Allah, and grant’s us relief on that Day. May Allah save us.

Narrated Abu Huraira(r.a): The Prophet said:”… whoever fasts during Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

From today on I’ll be attempting two posts a day – one on current happenings in the dunya – and the other to pass on some ilm.

Hence, I will be breaking down the 30 Ju’z or Ajiza’ (Sections) of the Qur’an, summarising the main theme’s and historical relevance involved. Considering Arabic is not most of our first spoken language, that this may be of some use.

The words of the Qur’an are primarily divided by chapter (surah) and verse (ayat). The chapters vary in length, and generally are ordered from longest to shortest.

To ease the reading process, the Qur’an is additionally divided into 30 equal sections, called a juz’ (plural: ajiza). The divisions of juz’ do not fall evenly along chapter lines, and often break from one section to another in the middle of a chapter. These divisions are done to make it easier for one to pace the reading over a month’s period, reading a fairly equal amount each day. This is particularly important during the month of Ramadan, when it is recommended to complete at least one full reading of the Qur’an from cover to cover.

May Allah Az’Wajjal cover us with His mercy, forgive our sins, accept our good deeds, increase our iman and patience, and make us among those He loves and shades when there is no shade but His and let our hunger and thirst be the very least of our achievements during this blessed month.

Insh’Allah we all make the best of the opportunities this blessed month will provide, to grow in strength, character and taqwa.


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One response to “Ramadhan Kareem Mubarak

  1. Ali

    And to you too bro

    keep up the good work during this month!

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