Medal of Honour: is it Wrong to play as the Taliban?

A new video game in which the player can take on the role of a Taliban fighter and kill American and British soldiers has caused outrage in the UK.

The country’s defence minister Dr. Fox, whoops wrong one – but Dr. Liam Fox says it is “tasteless” and “shocking” and has called for the product to be banned.

But the makers of “Medal of Honour” have defended it, saying it reflects the fact that every conflict has two sides.

So Liam Fox thinks it’s ok for him to carry out actions as Defence Secretary that result in the deaths of real people, but it’s not ok for others to carry out actions that result in the deaths of no-one?


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4 responses to “Medal of Honour: is it Wrong to play as the Taliban?

  1. I play and have created addons for Operation Flashpoint (OFP) for years. This game came out in 2001, but is still quite popular and it is not new to play such “enemy” characters. One can play just about anything, including Soviets, Nazis, terrorists and yes, Taliban, although these addons are usual meant as enemy. The “soldiers” are just 3d models and not real people!

    The idea that some people should be upset is silly. Even though games like OFP are realistic combat simulators more than just FPS games – to really train for military combat and to be a soldier cannot be done on even a realistic combat simulator game. These are just games and cannot be related to real life and if you think they can be – please consult with a mental health professional!

    To let you in on a secret, I have played a “Soviet soldier” in OFP that has shot at “American soldiers” in the original game. I also am a US Army veteran and see no problem with this…

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