Make A Life Saver Box Today! PIA Flood Relief Appeal for Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines has offered its support to the humanitarian aid effort to ensure that basic food and medical supplies reach Pakistan.

They are asking members of the public to send gift aid boxes which they will transport to Pakistan free of charge on the next available flight.

Unprecedented floods in the history of Pakistan have caused displacement of at least 20 million men, women & children. These people are stranded without food, water and shelter. Our first priority must be to provide them food & water in the most efficient & expeditious manner possible.

PIA has developed a Life Box which will provide high energy food & liquids to sustain a four member family / group for 2-3 days each.

Collection & Help Desks have been created at all stations in the PIA network to facilitate donors. PIA’s Emergency Response Centre is working 24/7 to maintain close liaison with all stations to streamline logistics.

Next time you are out shopping, get these essential items and make a box to send to Pakistan – get this message out to your masajids, friends, community centres and forward to your email contacts.

Save a life today.

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