Parliament Expense Dept. Staff branded ‘f****** idiots’ & ‘monkeys’ By MP’s

Well known Islamophobe Denis Macshane has been identified as one of the MP’s responsible for launching a foul-mouthed tirade at staff running the new Parliamentary expenses scheme.

Details of the shocking outbursts – in which workers at the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority were reduced to tears and branded ‘f****** idiots’ and ‘monkeys’ – were released yesterday under Freedom of Information laws.

On buses, at Post Offices and in other public places, you find notices which say: ‘Abuse of our staff will not be tolerated – offenders will be prosecuted.’

A similar sign ought to be put up outside the office of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). Along with a swear box.

For the organisation’s staff have been having a torrid time at the hands of MPs. Our elected lords and mistresses, irked by quibbles about their expenses claims, have been behaving like spoilt brats.

And yet if anyone is a ‘f****** idiot’ it is an MP who is still so insulated from public opinion, so deaf to national outrage, that he or she continues to behave in a high-falutin’ manner when asked to provide full particulars in support of an expenses claim.

It is genuinely shocking that MPs should aim their oaths at civil servants who were only doing their job – particularly when that very job was demanded by the MPs themselves.

IPSA, after all, was created at the command of the House of Commons.

For MPs now to throw around such coarse expressions, after a parliamentary expenses scandal which brought our country into international disrepute, suggests that the culprits are morons.

Memo to MPs – if you don’t like expenses being scrutinised, don’t abuse staff.



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