Corporate Media’s Misrepresentation of Mosques

Why do most people associate a masajid with those who committed the acts of 9/11? After all that’s the narrative the quasi-racist republicans and tea baggers have been using to whip up the anti-Islam frenzy.

A major reasoning is due to media presentation, or should that be misrepresentation.

Whenever a terrorist incident occurs, the media invariably show a masajid and its worshippers, who have absolutely nothing to do with any of the acts perpetrated. Don’t believe me? well keep this in mind when any negative story on Islam/Muslims breaks, I’m sure you won’t have to hang around for long.

Yet the constant image of the masajid becomes established in the viewers mind simply by association, negative connotations, simply adding fuel to the fire.

Our American counterparts have always had a lynch mob mentality, much like the rooting tooting cowboy of old – they hang the first suspect they get their mitts on.

Their are no acts of conniving evil planned in any masajid, hell, you barely have to whisper the word “Jihad” and you’re accosted by “the management” and told to leave, yeah, no politics in the mosque, I understand uncle…but aren’t you a local councillor? and wasn’t that our MP who was chowing down on a samosa with you when you invited him to the masajid?

Hypocrisy and double standards know no bounds with our people.

Our masajids are not only places of worship where people are exhorted to do good, but when used correctly they benefit the entire society.

Unfortunately the masses swallow what the corporate media dictates to them, without having the capacity to reason for themselves, like sheep following one another.


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