Nazi Pope touches down in London

The Nazi Pope arrived in London today to meet with 4,000 children, surely a temptation too far for his paedophile priests. He’ll then jump into his Pope Mobile and meet world famous war criminal Tony Bliar.

It’s easy to confuse the UK with the “Third World”, after all they were landing in Glasgow. A more miserable airport stuffed with staff that can’t speak properly, bungling baggage handlers that will lose your gear, perhaps the cardinal was being kind in his words, oh and that’s before I even speak about the city of Glasgow itself.

The Akh suggests that Bliar should get down on his knees, confess all and ask for forgiveness. Could you find two more unpopular people in the same room together, hell, just go get Gary Glitter and you have the perfect triumvirate.

Big ups to London Muslim for the image


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