“Why YOU Cannot Win In Afghanistan” Unmissable interview with Hamid Gul

With British troops pulling out of Sangin, listen to an excellent summation of the situation in Afghanistan with Hamid Gul, retired Pakistani General and former Director General of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, on why America and the UK can never win in Afghanistan.

Click through on the image above to listen.

Perhaps our politicians would be better suited to listening to what their former ally Hamid Gul is saying, after all he has a better understanding of the Afghan people and it’s military history then our war planners do.

It seems that Hamid Gul agrees with everything that The Akh has to say on Afghanistan.



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4 responses to ““Why YOU Cannot Win In Afghanistan” Unmissable interview with Hamid Gul

  1. Dmol

    Its important to realise that the evidence shows that most afghans support the war and dont want foreign forces to leave yet, they also feel that their lives are better off without the taliban.
    The war has sadly costmany people there lives but taliban rule according to the afghans was worse.

  2. J.M.

    Hamid Gul must have a death wish. I heard him speak in a Jamaat E Islami do, years ago he has lost non of his bite.

    • hotterthanapileofcurry

      Thanks for the heads up brother.

      On US contractor forces in Pakistan… “They are there on sabotage, subversion missions, and inciting people to rise against the [inaudible] of Pakistan. […] They are on a destabilizing exercise.”

      If we can all see it, then why can’t the government?

      Oh I forgot, it’s sham government installed by the US.

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