Muslim Spam Messaging – The “E-Takfir” has to stop

Confess up, we’ve all received them via text message or email, a well meaning alert followed by the ignorant “Pass this onto 20 Muslims or you will burn in hell”. The most recent one has been of one Pastor Bob Old, who was supporting the “Koran” burning efforts of the other hate Pastor Terry Jones, who actually did burn the Qu’ran and then the very next day was involved in a car crash and burnt to death, cue message;

“Power of Allah the almighty the creator of mankind cannot be challenged look at pastor bob old of tennessee who claimed he would burn the holy Quran on september 11 was involved in a fatal car crash this morning he died instantly on the spot death was destined for an astray infidel please pass this on to everyone be they muslims or non muslims without fail … ignore this and forever hide your head in shame!!!”

While we can never allow something like the facts to get into the way of a good story, Bob Old is alive and kicking, so why do ignorant, gullible and stupid Muslims forward this tripe on?

If you believe the “E-Takfir” that you are destined for hell fire if you don’t forward it, then you seriously need to strengthen your e’maan, as your belief (simply put) is weak. You have no idea the damage you cause yourself by passing on this unverified nonsense, as you question the recipients level of belief.

Not forwarding the message on does not make you any less of a Muslim.

Another aspect to consider is that Muslims will forward this tripe to other Muslims, agencies monitor communication traffic according to key words, therefore every single mobile number that received this message is tracked and logged.

The final impact is that it detracts from real action alerts that are sent out and should be acted upon.

Finally, the news is never checked, and the hoax is taken as the gospel. Any idea where the first text started in the chain?

Dopey Muslims wisen up quick smart, this definitely is not Sahih.


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One response to “Muslim Spam Messaging – The “E-Takfir” has to stop

  1. Nice!

    Had to have a chuckle at this.

    so true – good post

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