CONservative’s pressurise BBC to drop Ashcroft Panorama programme?

Why did the BBC pull an edition of its Panorama programme about the financial affairs of Tory backer Lord Ashcroft just hours before it was due for broadcast?

A statement from the beeb didn’t reveal too much.

Perhaps moneybags Ashcroft is seeing a return on all the millions he’s pumped into the CONservative party by getting them to pressurise the BBC to drop the programme…or are the BBC afraid of being threatened with a law suit?

Lord Ashcroft’s dodgy dealings has seen him labelled as someone who has ‘subjugated a nation’, a claim from the Prime Minister of Belize himself. While the CONservatives have been more concerned with his “non-dom” tax status.

Belizeans take to the streets to protest against Lord Michael Ashcroft’s Belize Bank Ltd. over $20M diverted from the public treasury to pay off a private loan that had been secretly guaranteed by Belize’s former prime minister.

Colonialism never really went away, it was replaced by the myth of “free trade” and “market forces”.



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