Ed Miliband left-wing? You’re having a laugh

The next Prime Minister of this country is likely to be as Pro-Israel as it gets. Edward Samuel Miliband has said “I intend to lead a Labour Party that remains a true friend to Israel”.

This is what both brothers Miliband had to say about Israel:

Ed gives a more critical general answer than David when asked about Israel:

Would you speak up for Israel and on issues of concern to the British Jewish community if you became Labour leader?

“DM: A stable Middle East has a secure Israel at its heart; this is non-negotiable. My trips to Israel show a deep yearning for peace. I think the vision of Israel living side by side with a Palestinian state is not only just but necessary. I have spent a good deal of time over the past three years as foreign secretary making the case for peace and building strong relations with the UK’s Jewish communities. In fact, I have done that during this campaign and it will of course continue.

EM: I will always stand up for Israel’s right to live in peace and security, and work towards a settlement in the Middle East in which a stable Palestinian state can coexist next to an Israel that is secure in its borders. And I will always be open to issues that concern the British Jewish community, whether they concern issues of the treatment of Jews in Britain or issues to do with relations with Israel. I intend to lead a Labour Party that remains a true friend to Israel. But friendship is both about supporting your friend when they are treated unfairly or victimised, and speaking honestly when you feel they aren’t making the right decisions.”

But then, conversely, David is slightly firmer on the Gaza flotilla and blockade:

What is your view of Israel’s interception of the Gaza flotilla?

“DM: I am afraid it was self-defeating. In fact, I have spoken to many in the Jewish community and in Israel who feel the same way. It isolates Israel and strengthens its enemies. I welcome the announcement by the Israeli government to move from a list of permitted goods to a smaller list of banned goods. But the approach to Gaza is not delivering.

EM: I support Israel’s right to act in self-defence of its borders, but think Israel’s interception of the flotilla was not the right thing to do. It led to deaths and injuries that I believe were avoidable. I support the United Nations Security Council’s expression of concern about Israel’s action as well as its call for an international investigation. Israel faces a security threat that cannot be met without international support. This incident has clearly made it harder for Israel to win this support around the world.”

It’s clear to The Akh, that if you own all the horses in the race, then you’re going to win everytime.

Apart from his apparently pro zionist views, what else do we know about Edward?

The son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband, of Polish Jewish origin.

From 2003 to 2004, Ed Miliband spent a year’s sabbatical at Harvard University, to study and lecture at Harvard’s Centre for European Studies.

His partner is Justine Thornton, a Cambridge-educated barrister, who is a senior environmental lawyer working for E.On, which is currently seeking to win the right to build a series of new coal and nuclear power stations. The value of the nuclear power station contract is £20billion. Ed’s previous role was as climate change secretary.

Ed Miliband succeeded because the the major trade unions backed him, although it’s said he is as pro-capitalist and pro-globalisation as it gets. Ed Miliband left-wing? They’re having a laugh.

You have to love the labour leadership elections, of those who wanted a Miliband, most wanted the other one, but because those who wanted anyone BUT a Miliband thought this one was the lesser of the two evils, so he’s in.

What a convincing mandate we had.

Look beyond the rhetoric and the sound-bites, a very different picture emerges.

The reality is that Ed Miliband is not so much the ‘change’ candidate, but a politician who will deliver more of the same neo-liberal policies that both Conservative and Labour governments have followed over the past 30 years.



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5 responses to “Ed Miliband left-wing? You’re having a laugh

  1. You

    There was a ship trying to cross into Gaza yesterday to deliver some aid and to break the siege… it was supported amongst others by The Millibands’s mother, so things are not crystal clear.

    • me

      yes the government of Israel ate appalling but to say just because someone is Jewish and they support Israel is unfair and untrue. Allah guide us all towards the truth.

  2. After the long charade of a feud between the brothers David and ED, we now see that it was all just a scheme to keep them in the public eye.

    It appears that 10% of the votes were not counted, an astonishing 36,562 votes were rejected because a new addition ofa small box on the bottom of the ballot paper was not ticked, this meant that these were marked ‘spoilt’ and not counted, most people did not even see this new addition to the paper.

    Fakery in elections is widespread and there are various methods.

    When Tony Blair got elected the first time in 1997, the Royal mail Union the CWU who are big New Labour supporters
    were said to have held up a large quantity of postal votes at the back of a sorting office in Dorset until after the election, known conservative voters will have their names and addresses on lists which can easily be fed into computers and mail automatically sorted out, some marginal constituencies even had votes from people who were listed as dead.

    But who are the Milibands ?

    Grandfather Samuel Milliband was born in Warsaws Jewish quarter in 1895, he was a marxist academic who, allegedly spied for communism and according to the Soviet files was reponsible for the deaths of many White Russians who were supported by Britain.

    The battleship the Hampshire carrying lord kitchener and a quantity of gold was sunk by the British themselves in 1916 on insistence from Rothschild, who wanted no support for the Czar and democracy, after the murders of the Czars family, their huge wealth in banks in london and Paris was confiscated by Rothschild agents.

    Samuel Millibands son Adolphe Ralph Milliband was listed as a conscientious objector and a Belgian refugee and came to London and became part of the Underground marxist network run by Litzi Freedman and her then husband spy Kim Philby to assist the Soviets, Samuels main job was to carry messages and collect money from London addresses for ‘the relief of Jewish suffering.’

    Insider sources say when David Millband was foreign secretary he looked through all the M I 5 papers to see the info on his father, Davids meeting with Hilary Clinton was to get agreement on policy Hilary who is financed and put in place with Jewish money and they pull her strings, both are listed ‘hasbara agents’ which means Israel first.

    David as foreign Secretary certainly had jurisdiction over all intelligence operations abroad, as he will have had to sign for their financing, he would have been aware of the forged 15 British passports used by the Israel killers, in fact there is reason to believe David sanctioned this, David lied about government complicity in torture and defended the Iraq war and the use of banned weaponry on its people,with massive corruption and asset stripping.

    David also had input on the B B C whitewash on the Israeli attack on the Palestine aid convoy.

    David and Ed are equally anti democratic marxists, but want to disinherit the Marxism of Blair and Brown, which was described by intelligence insiders as ‘one vast criminal conspiracy.’

    Ed Millibands first brief will be to allow in the massive convoys of Roma gypsies expelled by france, experts tell us this will cost us up to extra £ 2.5 billion annually in social security hospital and policing costs, second Ed will give more money to the foriegn banksters, then he will want wars on Iran, Syria Lebanon and Palestine and will push for this with what is called ‘the middle east roadmap’, and finally agitation for Israel to enter the E E C next year. we have in the Britain of 2010 many parallel ethnic groupings who do not integrate, they have their own languages and cultural rules, and they send their money home, and they are increasingly militant, a political prophet once said ‘ as i look ahead all fills me with a deep feeling of inner foreboding.’

    Marxism has been rebranded its no longer internationalism but muticulturalism, and it means ethnic cleanisng for British people.

    Ed Milliband is the real deal, the Manchurian Candidate.

    Do we really need a man and his brother like this running our Labour party ?

    Have we really no Englishmen that could have done the job and put England first ?

  3. FI

    Possibly the most amazing thing I read today!!

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