U.S. soldiers murder innocent Afghans for fun & the army covers it up

“He just really doesn’t have any problems with f—ing killing these people”

Corporal Jeremy N. Morlock is one of five American soldiers charged with pre-meditated murder in a case that includes allegations of widespread drug use, the collection of body parts and photos of the U.S. soldiers holding the Afghan bodies like hunter’s trophies.

The full video is available to view on the ABC News website here.

It’s a known fact that American soldiers would cut off the ears of the Vietnamese and wear them as necklaces. Today it’s the Muslims in Afghanistan who are being hunted and killed for fun, with their body parts kept as some kind of “big game” trophy.

This is not an isolated incident, as it will no doubt be portrayed as, these soldiers are indoctrinated from day one at boot camp to think that their enemy is less then an animal.

We’ve witnessed Abu Ghraib, and this isn’t any different when it comes to the U.S. Army having to investigate itself – cover up – it’ll be put down to a few “rogue elements” or “bad apples”, chain of command will deny all knowledge, and the terrorists who committed this atrocity will be given a lenient sentence in a cushy army prison.

The U.S. Army is restricting access to photos of soldiers with the Afghan corpses, as they hurriedly redact and try to spin their way out of this situation.

A top U.S. Army official has ordered that images of dead or wounded “casualties or detainees” may not be made public.

Officials had told AFP in May that the whistle blower
, whose identity has been kept secret, was badly battered, with one source saying he was “beaten within an inch of his life”, the authorities have yet to answer allegations that warnings of atrocities were ignored for months.

So what happened to the freedom and the justice you were giving to the Afghan people?

These war criminals should be turned over to the courts in the country where they committed their crimes, let the Afghan judicial system decide their punishment.



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