Baroness Warsi blasts “Asian electoral fraud cost Tories the election”

Baroness Warsi says dodgy Paki’s used their unsurpassable skills of electoral fraud which ultimately cost the Tories the election.

Sayeeda Warsi, the chairman of the Conservative Party and minister without portfolio stated in an interview with the New Statesman’s Mehdi Hasan:

“At least three seats where we lost, where we didn’t gain the seat, based on electoral fraud. Now, could we have planned for that in the campaign? Absolutely not.”

This is the first time a senior minister has made such a blunt and specific allegation about the impact of electoral fraud on the general election result. Can she reveal the names of those seats?

“I think it would be wrong to start identifying them, It is predominantly within the Asian community. I have to look back and say we didn’t do well in those communities, but was there something over and above that we could have done? Well, actually not, if there is going to be voter fraud.”

When asked if Warsi believed the Labour Party in those three seats had benefited from the alleged fraud. Her answer was?


Warsi also launched a scathing attack on the “anti-Islamic sentiment” of the British press, which she compared to the anti-semitism of the early 20th century.

“If you go back historically – [and] I was looking at some [London] Evening Standard headlines, where there were things written about the British Jewish community less than 100 years ago – they have kind of replaced one with the other.”

Warsi referred to the conservative columnist Peter Oborne, who has said that anti-Islamic sentiment is the last socially acceptable form of bigotry in the UK, saying:

“That’s absolutely true …. If you have a pop at the British Muslim community in the media, then first of all it will sell a few papers; second, it doesn’t really matter; and third, it’s fair game.”

She added that Labour’s approach towards ethnic minorities was “so patronising”, saying:

“The party behaved as if the British Raj was still happening and I was quite appalled at the way BME [black and minority ethnic] communities would respond to that.”

She denied she faced discrimination from the Tory party “as an Asian woman”, but said:

“I think as an Asian, Muslim woman there were blocs, not within the Conservative party, but within the wider Conservative thinking, that had question marks about who I was and what I represented.”

As the most powerful Muslim politico in the land, Warsi should be applauded for her (rather late) realisation on the rabid Islamophobic tendencies of the right wing gutter press. The fact that Andy Coulson (Conservative head of communications aka spin doctor) was once an editor of one of Rupert Murdoch’s rags perhaps shows a touch of moral midgetry at play.

Postal vote fraud and the asian community go hand in hand like a china man and rice.

But let’s be fair, it’s not all the asian’s though is it?

Just the Pakistani’s – the ones who have solidly and unquestioningly propped up the Labour party for the last 60 odd years.

After all The Times told us that the UK’s Ballot security was ‘worse than Kenya’.

There were also persistent rumours that 27 voters were registered to a single London flat and that the property was owned by the family of a man who was a Labour council candidate.

The system is open to manipulation – remember how George Bush stole the election in 2000?


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