“Out of the R£d into the Black” Liverpool FC fans take on Yank owners

I’m no longer wearing the red shirt, I’m wearing black, I’m in mourning for Liverpool Football Club, as it dies a slow death at the hands of its American occupiers.

Trying to come up with a realistic metaphor for the situation facing us Liverpool supporters is tricky, but try to picture this. Say you are paying to have a dog living in your house that you just love. You love playing with it, you love watching it, you love taking care of it. However, you do not own this dog – two bulbous businessmen do. Now these businessmen have no clue when it comes to dog ownership, they just felt it would be a great idea to do so. Every so often they will pay your house a visit to collect your fee and feed this dog a chocolate bar, or give it a mohawk, or give it a new muzzle. There is nothing that you or the dog can do. Only the owners can make decisions for your beloved pooch.

Okay, so maybe that is not too realistic, but you get the idea. Under American businessmen Tom Hicks and George Gillett, Liverpool Football Club has spiralled into an incredible debt and also found themselves moving down to the middle of the Premier League table. Transfer spending is down, a promise for a new stadium was never fulfilled and a crippling debt has the left the future of the club in a haze.

With such a tricky situation at hand, Liverpool supporters had to find creative ways to protest the ownership without protesting against the club and the players itself.

The shirt (pictured top of the page) is available from viga, The Akh has purchased one and have to say the quality and design is of an excellent quality. Whilst wearing it out, The Akh has been stopped by two complete strangers asking about it, so the protest gathers momentum at a grass roots level.

Here’s some of the pictures from the excellent SOS – Spirit Of Shankly pressure group who are coordinating the movement for regime change at Anfield, taken after our last home game against Sunderland on the 25th September 2010.

You’ll Never Walk Alone



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4 responses to ““Out of the R£d into the Black” Liverpool FC fans take on Yank owners

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  2. italia

    hi!This was a really outstanding topic!
    I come from roma, I was fortunate to search your Topics in digg

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  4. Let’s get back onto the football now!!! Fresh money will defo help!

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