Lowkey – Terrorist?

Lowkey dropped another video on September 11th called ” Terrorist? ” touching upon the discrepancies in the portrayal of who & what the enemy is on this planet…definitely one to make you think.

Favourite Lines:

“The ragheads & paki’s are worrying your dad, but his favourite food is curry & kebab” – Shoutout to the EDL!

“Eric Prince/Blackwater/That is terrorism” – Big ups to america’s mercenaries and government that pays them.

“It seems nuts, how can there be such agony, when more Israeli’s die from peanut allergies”

The Akh is taking credit for that last line!

More Israelis Die From Peanut Allergies Than Hamas Rockets

Conscious revolutionary hiphop at it’s finest – waiting for that album to drop my brother!


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