Liverpool FC Sold? – Replacing one set of Yankee cowboys with another

Am I the only one who is able to make the connection that Liverpool football club are getting rid of one set of bullshit merchants to replace them with another bunch of cowboys?

The people running the club are an absolute joke, The Akh regularly carries out due diligence as one of his duties in employment, and it didn’t take me long to procure the following facts;

“The problem lies in the fact that Henry’s group was highly leveraged when they bought the Red Sox, so they need to keep the team winning to pay the bills. This is why Theo Epstein once quit the Red Sox. He wanted to step back for a season and regroup to set the franchise up for the long haul. The people who control the money wanted to win each and every year, because that’s how they pay the bills.

If fans stop buying Red Sox Nation memberships, stop watching NESN, or decide that a few hundred dollars for a couple of good seats is too much, the bubble will quickly burst.

At this point you run the serious risk that the Red Sox suddenly became worth less than the amount borrowed to purchase the team. It happened to a whole lot of people who bought houses at the peak of that bubble, and it could happen to Boston.”

I fail to see what New England Sports Ventures would do that is different to what Hicks and Gillet were planning to do. NESV I guess would want to tie up sporting rights and merchandise between the two clubs they own – fine, but I doubt it’ll see the revenue it might like to. They lack the capital to build the stadium that is desperately needed to take the club on. What’s the betting that we see more debt lumbered onto the club to try and pay for the stadium.

The Akh has to agree with Alan Kennedy’s comments, Liverpool are glad to get anybody in.

This takeover is just Hicks and Gillet in another form.

You’ve gone and done it again.

Are they nuts?



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4 responses to “Liverpool FC Sold? – Replacing one set of Yankee cowboys with another

  1. J.M.

    I feel your pain, I do. Things must be really bad, or they must think they Liverpool Fans are stupid, all they are doing is changing the face (ie the baddies hicks and gillete) but keeping that system that has bought LFC to its knees financially and on the sad, a great symbol of the game, both here and worldwide is on the verge of being destroyed on the back of ideological financial deregulation, and uncontrolled capitalism.

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