America funds home grown terrorists – Blackwater/XE given $10 Billion contract

Forget all the butchered civilians. Forget about the stolen guns used to murder innocent men, women and children. Let’s all get over the fact they are never bought to justice for their murderous actions, or even the fraud allegations levelled at them by American Senators, or that they are out of their minds on a cocktail of steroids and cocaine.

No, Let’s forget all of that. Through a “joint venture,” the notorious private-security firm Blackwater (now rebranded as Xe Services) has won a piece of a five-year State Department contract worth up to a staggering $10 billion.

This comes despite Sec. Hillary Clinton’s pledge to ban ‘private mercenary firms’;

“From this war’s very beginning, this administration has permitted thousands of heavily-armed military contractors to march through Iraq without any law or court to rein them in or hold them accountable. These private security contractors have been reckless and have compromised our mission in Iraq. The time to show these contractors the door is long past due.”

So why the sudden about-turn Hillary?


Or old age?

All people who hold the universal doctrines of peace, liberty and justice close to their hearts should denounce this action.

One has to wonder if the American taxpayer is aware of how their tax dollars are being spent – on funding terrorists.

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