The curious case of Linda Norgrove – Aid worker killed by American army

On Saturday morning, the breaking news of the day was that Linda Norgrove, had been murdered by “Talibans” during a rescue attempt. The media unquestionably swallowed the story. The Akh has to ask the question, can we rely on fair and accurate reporting from the military?

It’s a well used cliché that the first casualty of war is the truth.

Seeing that most journo’s are lazy, stuck behind the computer types, who don’t want to get out onto their own streets, nevermind out in Afghanistan, rely solely on Press Releases from sources, which are biased at best and based on corporate views at worst…fair and accurate reporting….yeah right?

In these days, one has to turn to sources that he can trust, from the very first moment this story broke, it didn’t sound right – just like you hear about american helicopters that crash due to “technical faults” in the battle zone – the script sounded too perfunctory, the version of events far too polished.

At midday on Saturday 09 October, the BBC carried the news:

A UK aid worker held hostage after being kidnapped in Afghanistan has been killed during a rescue attempt, the Foreign Office has said.

Linda Norgrove, 36, from Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland, was employed by US aid group DAI. She was seized with three local staff on 26 September.

Immediately The Akh thought to himself – what are the odds that it’s a Pat Tillman type cover up?

By last night, the news headlines ran:

UK aid worker may have been killed by rescuers’ grenade

British aid worker Linda Norgrove may have been accidentally killed by US forces during a rescue mission in Afghanistan, David Cameron has said.

Linda Norgrove died during a ‘rescue’ mission carried out by US special forces. She worked for US agency Development Alternatives Inc (DAI), which in turn was contracted to the American government’s development agency USAID.

How is the official story of Linda Norgrove’s death unravelling?

Security guards were with Norgrove at the time of her ‘kidnap’. The ‘kidnap gang’ escaped with Norgrove and three of her Afghan colleagues. Locals described the scene of the attack as being close to a police checkpoint.

Taliban types denied being involved.

Not that it matters in the discourse presented by the mass media.

We then find out that a string of kidnaps in the same province earlier this year had ended peacefully through the negotiations of local elders and the chief of police in Kumar province, Khalilullah Zaiyi, was confident a delegation of local leaders could secure Miss Norgrove’s release.

Local Afghan leaders wanted to negotiate with Miss Norgrove’s kidnappers to win her freedom but were overruled by Nato commanders.

It was reported that there was pervasive levels of fraud within the office where Norgrove worked. Reportedly, “Taliban types” were receiving money from the DAI office.

Now this is pure speculation of course, but does this seem like a rescue mission or an assassination mission?

Or is it just another yankee blunder in a long line of yankee blunders?

What’s guaranteed is that G.I. Joe will be getting pumped up at one of the many forward operating bases in Afghanistan, with the instruction of getting out there on HK mission to get the Talibans.

More innocent people being butchered?

Afraid so….and the madness continues.



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