English Defence League’s rampage through Leicester 9 October 2010 – Simple rules to get the EDL banned

Guramit Singh, Tommy Robinson and the rest of the racist scum of the EDL rampaged through Leicester city centre on Sunday 9 October 2010.

Innocent women & children were targeted as the video above clearly shows.

Shame on Murdoch’s SKY News Views who called it a “relatively peaceful demonstration”

He must be on crack not to notice what was going on.

With reporting of that standard it’s no wonder media groups are urging Business Secretary, Vince Cable, to block a bid by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. for full control of satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

The EDL’s objective is simple – It is to go into OUR towns & cities with their deranged agendas to try to cause strife and unrest whilst spreading hatred – as these video’s by the real citizen journalists of today clearly show, shame on the mass media for down playing these events.

The Akh wants you to ensure this footage is seen far and wide, these videos have to be publicised in the media rather than being stuck out in the long grass of the internet.

People should forward the links of every single racist EDL video to the mass media BBC, Sky et al and hope they choose to air real footage rather than the “peaceful” protests they show.

I don’t blame the Muslim youth as well as so many other people from all walks of life for coming out and trying to defend themselves and their patch from these hate spewing devils, but understand the game, if you carry out the “political” game and get the EDL banned from coming to your area, then you avoid having to fight the physical fight.

Ask yourself if being in a pitched streetfight will help yourself or your family when you are looking at court cases and possible jail time.

The Islam I was taught is not about stupidly charging in, use your brain, play the game wisely.

If you wish to know more on how to handle the EDL threat in your own neighbourhood, on the points mentioned above, feel free to drop me a comment below and I’ll advise to the best of my ability.


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