Victory for people power – Liverpool fans get regime change at Anfield!

It’s victory to the people as supporters of Liverpool Football Club finally got the regime change we’ve been hoping for at Anfield, as Aids & Cancer (Tom Hicks & George Gillett) lost their high court battle to keep control of the club.

It was a grass roots movement that led to this moment.

Let’s hope regime change off the pitch leads to better fortunes on it, with the drama’s of ownership behind us.

Though what John “Dubya” Henry (whats with americans and “dubya”?) will do different in terms of “leveraging” – borrowing money against the club’s assets that the previous regime did. The playing staff needs investment immediately, the stadium needs an extra 30,000 seats to have a truly self functioning revenue generation system. So how exactly will this be funded?

Yes it’s good to see the back of those clowns – and that’s doing a serious dis-service to clowns, but this interview with Hicks should show you what a complete and utter clueless idiot the guy is, blaming everyone but himself for the situation.

The Akh won’t forget how Rafa Benitez ripped straight onto the yankee cowboys straight away and in doing so opened the eyes of a lot of people.

To use his now immortal words after he flushed those reptiles out, whilst being attacked by the London based, manc loving football press pack scum in the process;

“Its not my ego … its my responsibility”

Pity about all those so called Liverpool fans who couldn’t see the politricks behind the scenes.

It cost him his job in the end, but he sacrificed that in order to bring awareness to the fans.

The club down the M6 don’t know what kind of murky water they are in because the purple faced, gin-soaked tramp prefers to dismiss the yellow & green Norwich campaign and back the Glazers instead of his own fans.

That’s one of the biggest difference between us and them.

Thank you Rafa for speaking up and fighting for Liverpool when most other managers (that’s you Mr. Ferguson) would have silently sat by.

Bring on Everton tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Victory for people power – Liverpool fans get regime change at Anfield!

  1. Fais

    Regime change certainly, but mark my words – u will regret having yanks replace yanks

    Praise Rafa all you want, he bled the club dry in the end and it’s his useless signings on the pitch that see your once ‘famous’ club in the relegation zone.

    Down the M6 you say?? Get some geography lessons is what I say.

    Bring on Everton!?? Yeh, am sure your saying that now.

    Purple faced, gin-soaked tramp!?? Wow, what a fabulous display of your vocabulary.

    Akh, I have been a fan / follower of yours for a while. I have recommended this sight to many friends as I feel you speak the truth – but when it comes to football I feel you don’t have a clue and that you let your red mist goggles cloud your judgement.
    I will have to think twice before recommending further, maybe I am reading to much into your latest post, or maybe I have woken up to find you have extremist views???
    Confused? Yes I am definitely confused.

    Have them cleaned out and stick to politics – sport is far to complicated for you to get stuck into.


    • hotterthanapileofcurry


      I appreciate you being a regular reader to this blog, though it took a post about football to get you so heated that you had to reply.

      Yes I stand corrected M6 – should have been written as M62 – not the biggest mistake in the world.

      “Extremist views” – over football?


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